Beat Faktory Corp. / Press

“Great sound, cool feel, & good quality. Keep on doing you out there.”

Quan Chi

“#47 cant be outdone, great job! Got me way in the groove on this one. Thx!”

Joe Sneekers

“#47! Good work on the production. Thank you for your support, you certainly have ours in return! -Asher Skyline-”

Hydrogen Skyline

“Beatz are Crazy Fresh...love tha sound STR8 ACTIN a Fool...MUST HAVE!!!”

Jproduct - ReverbNation

“U be playin, the hell out, of them KEYS...Much Respect!”

DJ SWAGGA - ReverbNation

“Hola Mc,excellent Bases Dude,great work.Keep the beat up.Much respect and Thumbs up from Sevilla Town!! ;D”

PepeluX - ReverbNation

“-Undiscussably brillant-”

Pyjama Devil - ReverbNation

“Yo homie, your beats are fuckin sick!! any chance we could colab together? hit me back homie -Frosty Bones ”

Frosty Bones - ReverbNation

"Beat Faktory pushes the boundries for street hip hop"

“yea.. looking for a fiya ass producer and your beats dope..”

_SaLuT3_ - ReverbNation

“What up man? your beats are bad ass!!!keep going!!!! t.”

Window's Son Ent./Label - ReverbNation

“Hot beats man good shit check me out maybe we can collab”

Kasuwell - ReverbNation

“holla at me any time”

Yard Call - ReverbNation