Beannacht / Press

"The focus of Gra na Firinne is to project that languid poetic style reminiscent of Christy Moore and Luka Bloom. Margarita, sunset, and the music of Beannacht...sounds like a perfect combination."

"Two songwriters honing their craft and cranking out some sweet melodies and powerful lyrics"

Liz Noonan - Irish Echo

"The duo have accomplished more than most acts in their first two years of performing"

Liz Noonan - Irish Echo

"Beannacht's songs are intricate acoustic folk tapestries...with 'Gra na Firinne' they will surely spread the "blessing" of their music to a much wider audience".

"The music of Beannacht combines an Irish lilt in the background with American folk music closer to the surface. In the remarkable case of "Lovin' Ain't Ever Wrong", the result is an Irish blues song, and it works".