bcap / Press

"Capobianchi came up with the idea to start a community-wide instrument drive, culminating in a performance toward the end of the month where donations could be made. In the hour before Capobianchi’s performance, $1,000 was raised."

"Brian Capobianchi is a blazing force in musical diversity, bringing his hip-hop roots, folk story telling and reggaeton soul-funk influences to the masses under the moniker of bcap."

“Your set was so soulful delicious amazing... I loved every minute of it.”

Kiran Gandhi - M.I.A.'s percussionist

"Sean Collin’s documentary "Inside The Hideout" gives viewers a behind the scenes look at Brian (bcap) Capobianchi, an on-the-rise musician. Filmed between Mojo Recording Studio in Franconia, NH and The Red Door in Portsmouth, NH, the film captures Brian’s unique blend of hip hop & neo-soul."

"bcap, has continuously re-written the book on the ethics of hip-hop, taking the road less traveled by not only incorporating a vast eclecticism of genres in his beats, but also constructing his rhymes to stimulate philosophical ideas and postulate an alternative train of thought."

"In one instance you might hear bcap plucking out a soulful folk tune on guitar. The next minute, he’s freestyle rapping to a heavy hip-hop beat. He’s a killer songwriter and poet who has a pretty big fan base."