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BB BlackDog Steampunk Rock / Press

“Dale Rowles Muse like Vocals soar over a twin bass led funk-blues-goth-desert rock fusion. This Debut sounds toe-tappingly sweet.”

“Witty, sometimes slightly off lyrics, a range of bass sounds seldom heard these days and a vocalist whose voice invokes images of smoke-filled clubs and half empty pints of beer. The driving beat underlying the album is also rather catchy. I found myself nodding in rhythm several times, something I have not done in years. The Live Bonus piece is a real jewel, at 12 minutes two seconds the longest piece of the album, there are only two words to describe it: IT ROCKS! The whole album rocks. BB Black Dog have created a temporal bridge in several dimensions. The album harks back to the days of great psychedelic rock, back when I was still a child and they have managed to root it in the present. In a steampunk context, that is what we want, taking the best from the past and secure it in the here and now. No.One. Is one impressive, powerful album, and one hell of a debut! It has been on the repeat cycle of my recreational audio device the whole day. 10 out of 10 blasting, roaring Zeppelins!”

“COMPRESSING themselves into a tiny playing arena wasn’t easy for BB Blackdog. Even though this Belper/German combo are only a three piece, when your drummer towers over six foot seven, space comes at a premium. With two bass players and no guitar I was keen to see if this lot could deliver or were they just barking mad. After all, rock’s all about loud guitars – isn’t it? Well, obviously not always, as this lot really can entertain as they knocked out a blistering set of tunes, all self-penned and all well received by an appreciative crowd at Matlock Bath’s Fishpond. ”

“What do you get if you cross two bass players with drums and a groove machine, two Germans dudes and an Englishman? Well BB Dog decided to put it to the test and the answer is a bloody brilliant sound. Dirty, grungey rock at its best. Lead singer Dale Rowles’ voice is bluesy and weathered and all the better for it. The absence of guitars surprisingly does nothing to diminish the sound. The bass is creative and the drum line powerful. Tortured blues rock is alive and well. Who needs guitars anyway?!. ”

“Tonight, the last hope of the dark and heavy 70’s blues rock is played the Palenke club in Kiel. BBBlackDog do everything right: Rowles’ voice sounds as if Jack Bruce sang the Cream albums through a beer can – influences from Black Sabbath, The Edgar Broughton Band, and Stoner Rock in general are unmistakable. Rowles scrubs across the four strings of his Rickenbacker bass with a bottleneck; BBBlackDog, the song that gave the band its name, is delivered with a straight groove. It is, however, the number about Rowles’ ex-wife I’ve Had My Fill with its repetitive bass harmonies, its exorbitantly integrated shuffle beats, and its alternating dynamics that captures the hearts of the 70’s rock fans. Simultaneously, Rowles drags the sound through the Wah-wah pedal while the incredibly powerful drum line is produced by Axel Boldt. A groove machine pulls the music forward like a stubborn mule. A rock ‘n’ roll fossil being brought back to life in a spectacular way – and is a”

(translated from German) - Kiel News,

“Politicians, a fast-paced number was followed up with Women and Can You Just, all intelligently introduced by vocalist and lead bassist Dales Rowles. I really am getting sick of front-men (or women) shouting and swearing at me so it was a refreshing change to hear this man using his brain After a short intermission the lads hit the stage again with the bluesy Music Teacher, What You Need, plus other strong tunes that again kept the old foot tapping. Thankfully, drummer Axel Boldt didn’t do too much showing off in his drum solo and it wasn’t that long. It was more like a small song in itself. After all, when you’ve seen ten drum solos… With many influences from early British rock, punk, metal, funk and everything in between, BB Blackdog refuse to be placed in any one kennel when it comes to describing their sound and I thought it was extremely brave to do a whole set of originals when many bands take the mixed bowl option. I certainly enjoyed them. ”

Roy Goodall - Derbyshire Times

“The Fourth band of the night was Derby based three-piece BB Blackdog. Their sound is an innovative take on Rock mixing elements of Classic, Alt, Prog and Psychedelica for an interesting and original direction that really works for them. Dale’s got an excellent, distinctive voice that both compliments and defines their sound, consistently strong across a range of atmospheric tracks it made for an excellent set that went down well with the Saturday night crowd. Surface Unsigned Surfaceunsigned .co.uk ”

Surface - Surface Unsigned

“Low Blow From the “Geezer Butler” school of bass playing, adding a distortion unit to the humble bass, turns a normally gentle instrument into instant pulsing power chords. “Low blow” is a perfect demonstration of how Geezer would fill in the solos of Toni Iommi, and so give the illusion of a second guitar. The sound surrounds and dominates the track, with its “for mosh just add bass” recipe. The backbone of the track is a technical, drum sound, marching ahead like the approach of a tank column. Fans of Muse will recognise the tortured vocal style, which combined with the bass sets a deliciously black texture to this BB Blackdog track.”

Michael Roberts - Guest list Music

“Women For those who wondered what The Doors would of gone on to create, “Women” is a good theory, for that matter Hawkwind too. Part black metal, part brooding love song, the track staggers, & darkly waltzes to its bassy feedback fade. Gorgeously gothic, & sung with sinister relish, BB Blackdog avoid being shoe horned into a narrow genre, & place their strength in producing a spectrum of competent and well written tracks. The breadth of the bands musical style is equitable to the experience of its band members. As central components to significant bands and albums, BB Blackdog are an encyclopaedia of music business knowledge in one creative unit. ”

Michael Roberts - Guest List Music

“Love review A tight American drum sound scurries busily through this track, and punctuates the lazy mid Atlantic vocals. The band boasts the preference for 2 bass's & no six string, a muso myself I’m sceptical about this, but waive it just this once as the bass featured is inventive and equally busy as its percussive counterpart. If the album cited Frank Zappa as a contributor, it would not come as any surprise. With Bootsy Collins bass lines & chopping guitar shapes, the track motors down a long open highway, & has you air drumming to its jazz funk fusion beat. ”