Battleground City / Press

“The Unmasked Mixtape project is the highest in quality that has come out of the BGC camp. There was great effort to work with better producers/ engineers, effectively staying relevant when touching on topics, and consistency with providing entertainment while keeping the message Christ centered.”

“BGC has some really good energy in their songs. Psalm Star continues to be a nucleus in the camp. His vocals are a key ingredient to the creative capability of BGC's musical talents. Nate the Mack and Ridge The Kid had increases their intensity, entertainment, and sarcastic appeal in addressing topics. Most if the tracks had that balance, which is thump, effective lyrical delivery, and crisp sound. There were times when the faster flow caused a decrease in effectiveness of clarity. There were also some instance of times issues in a few areas of the project. Overall, the production was solid.”

“Clean production and an important message. I looked at your background & mission (on Soundcloud) and believe that the message you convey in this song is important and will hopefully make young adults think and eventually do the right thing of choosing a path safer than streets and illegal activities.”

“The worlds measuring stick for Gospel music and it’s reach into mainstream society is… “How does it rate versus what’s on the radio today?” Well as hard as Wu-Tang repped the streets of NYC, Battleground City reps The Word. As a critic I have to say at worst this crew breaks dead even against anything mainstream. Period. Beats-Check! Lyrics-Check! Flow-Check! Add in that the message in these songs is above anything else you can find right now and these tracks might rank ahead of anything currently on the radio. Check out On My Face for another banger. Truth be told, you’ll be better off for listening. So do yourself a favor and get with BGC on Facebook, Twitter, ReverbNation & YouTube. Be Easy! -Sonny Flex ”

“Musically you need a compare/contrast and I know this so, If Anointed & Gospel Gangstaz blended into one group, that would get you about half-way to Battleground City This is the best group mash-up proclaiming Christ since everyone shared the stage at the just past Dove awards. Having heard the group perform live I’m not just guessing on how hard their songs hit. I’m “testifying.” One of my favorite tracks is “Prayer For My City.” It was a direct emotion filled response to the Tucson tragedy that shook the city on 1-9-11. In short, the track is powerful. ‘Nuff said. ”

“Seems like such a simple mantra but with this crew it really is much deeper than that. Consider the tragedy and tribulations that fill a daily news line and each member of this crew has come face to face with personal challenges that would’ve had them as “just another stat” and this proclamation takes on a much bigger meaning. Triumph for them is fleeting for each moment brings a challenge. This is true for every one of us, yet it’s because of these things, that these guys have decided to set themselves up for judgement by proclaiming Christ out loud. Having been there, done that, temptation is everywhere and I tip my hat to them. Respect. ”