“The Detroit thrash merchants Battlecross have tried their hand at something most bands wouldn't dare – covering Slayer. But they've got it nailed. Recorded at 37 Studios by Matt Dalton (Chiodos, Pierce The Veil), it's the ideal appetiser before the main course of the band's European tour with Huntress starting next month.”

"Tightness, conciseness and stellar riffery"


"one of the most 'complete' heavy metal albums I have heard in recent times"


"A mix of Black Dahlia Murder-esque savagery and Testament-live precision."

Revolver Magazine

"A thick spread of no-fuss metallic gunfire"

Metal Hammer

“One of the tightest live performances I’ve ever seen from a metal band. Frontman Kyle “Gumby” Gunther was a flurry of swinging hair and beard and flawless in his delivery of every harsh vocal. Highlights of their set include the tracks “Beast,” “Push Pull Destroy” and “Kaleb.” For their last song, the band did an awesome cover of Pantera’s “Fucking Hostile” that made the audience go nuts.”

“Thanks for putting the "metal" back in Metal Blade.”

“What (Don) Slater brings to the tunes is astounding and will turn the head of many a metal bassist and make them take a long hard look at their nether regions.”

“Heandbanging is not just mandatory—it’s compulsive.”

“You can hear stabs and slices of Maiden, Slayer, Testament, Lamb of God, and Devildriver and the like throughout the album but all enclosed within the Battlecross fist and might.”

““Pursuit Of Honor” is perhaps one of the best albums on the modern thrash metal scene. Battlecross could easily replace one of the top 4 of thrash metal if they keep producing albums like this one.”

“There is something so nostalgic about how Battlecross stick to thrash metal roots and then, at the same time, something so refreshing about their interpretation of how metal has evolved”

“You'll mosh, you'll sweat, and you'll remember. Easily one of the better metal debuts of 2011, "Pursuit of Honor" will leave you breathless, maybe even skinless.”