Battered Suitcases / Press

"Cool is a word that in my opinion is thrown around far too much and has lost a lot of its meaning. Miles Davis, David Bowie, Paul Newman, Steve McQueen that’s what I think of when I hear the word “cool.” Battered Suitcases exhibit a similar saunter and confidence that is necessary to pull off a complete rock n’ roll package well."

"Remember those old Samsonite commercials where they put some pristine luggage in a cage with a lunch-starved apes and let the poor simian have at it? Well that's what this no-holds barred EP recalls in spades."

"The state of rock ’n’ roll music in the early part of the 21st century seems pretty grim. Try to think: when was the last time a rock band grabbed your attention and made you not only dance, but listen to the lyrics and think? While the undiscerning masses are content to fill their vapid ears with pop pabulum, clichéd country, and tuneless synth bands, loyal rock aficionados have to search hard to find intelligent and moving music that has something to say; when found, it is a revelation. Phoenix band Battered Suitcases are that rare musical treasure: gut-wrenching rock ’n’ roll with heart and brains."

“Battered Suitcases announce to the world that they’re rockers and know how to use a fuzz box.”