Bath Mats / Press

“Thanks, Mr. Mats. (Brilliant! Like the guru sage's metaphor: Better to wear shoes than cover the earth with leather. : )”

Pat Arp - RN

“hows thing fellas, cold over here”

Airway - RN

“very diverse sound make here. I can tell y'all like a little everything.”

S-Bone - RN

“Cool video...Using an Olympic runner !! You guys are insaaaane !!! AWESOME !!!”


“Pretty damn good for "bathroom music" lol. Although I cant criticize caus that's how I record as well. ”

Ronin Jones - RN

“you mofos bring the thunder! this is rock!”

Jimmy Reefercake - RN

“If Nirvana had remained a small, underground punk rock band, Kurt Cobain would still be alive.”

Moby - Facebook

“I'll never look at my Bath Mats the same!”

“Bath Mats , it's not a Band, it's a Concept”

Laurent Navarro - Rock Connection

“i wish i had slippers like yours”

Stuart Monro - Urban Garden Magazine

“This Band is a crazy thing. It sucks and is totally overrated”

Mister Bean - Psychologies Magazine

"Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn"

Benjamin Francklin - Rolling Stones Magazine

“That's a cool sound guys! Raw, like sushi. I like sushi. Keep it up! Cheers,”

“They wanted to play rock and roll only.”

Ritchie Blackmore - RN

“Bathroom recording. Awesome. Your bathroom must be pretty fun.”

Anu Sava - RN

“I'm into contrasted imagery and you have that represented in your artistic scope. All feel. AWESOME ”

Singular Effect - RN

“You're all so fucking pompous. None of you have got any balls.”

Dave Grohl

“I think there is always room for a timeless sounding rock band like them”

Steve Brown - RN

“love that video! The more mundane the better...”

EP Emsley - RN

“Jamming to Mathias, Not A Girl, & Where Are You...Cool #1 tunes from the bathroom sounds of the Bath Mats! ~ Ro:D”

Sur Rod - RN

“They Fucking ignore the system, and use it when it suits them. I Lov that.”

Johnny Roten

“Rock is about finding who you are. ”

Gene Simmons - RN

“When I was 6 years old, I was in a rock band that was horrible called 'Dead End.' ”

Aaron Carter - RN

“I absolutely love what you are about! your songs are the best bathroom recordings yet! Nice!”

Brown & Wild Reister - RN

“Bath Mats is a revolution just waiting to happen. "Twelve Pics" has me in flange heaven.”

Howard Lawrence - RN

“Loving the vibe on your page, so in for another listen, I bet you all rock during your live shows and you get the crowd on their feet!”

Kim Guthrie - RN

“Play it fuckin' loud!”

Bob Dylan - RN