Batcave Recording Studio / Press

“RECENT CLIENT LIST: Fire on Your Sleeve, Recalcitrant, Revomatics, Luvahl, Nick Brightwell, Life in a Tree, Jim Seam, Barefoot Souls, Shanna Jackson Band, Big Mesa, Jinx Titanic, Real Patriots, Beowolves, Wonie Cotton, Upsidedown Girl, John Young, Stage Fright, Kosifekt, Put Her in the Trunk, Tomorrow's Yesterday, Fat Pig, 747, Porno Horse, The Big Shuffle, Kilo, Committing Arson, Mack to the Future, Breathe the Silence, HPI, Kenny Todd, Araqknid / Club Z, Rump Roast, Ceilia Clark, Anthony Brown, Trapt Boyz, Jet Blue, Ryan Blue, Late to London, Annie B, The Homewreckers, Del Ripleys, Jake Shimon, The Drought, Kevin Bella, Versitile, Brian Nebel, Friday Dies, Toxic Pussy, Emry, Buqu Blues Band, Defacit, Famous for No One, Audiocure, Joe Echo, Rick Kokan, Standing Noise, Blame it on Cain, Annette U, Tolay, Gerald Walker, Misha Siegfried, Tony Rosa, Hobby Horse, Jennifer Bollinger, John Burks, Spock the Novelist, Buddha, The X Project, The Bean Machine, Moby Dick (Zep tribute),”

Bruce Wayne Enterprises, LLC ;)