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“Hell-raiser: one given to wild, boisterous, or intemperate behavior….namely an individual that partakes in the Orange County outfit Bastard Winos. Hard drinking and hell-raising is what's in store for those who dare to hang with these bad boys. Spearheaded by our guitar slinging homie Harlis Sweetwater (the ruffian who brought you Thrill Deluxe), fronted on saucy slices by Chile Thomas, and powered by the rock solid Garcia boys (Chris and Greg, bass and drums respectively). So get your fire in the can, find some shorts for smoking, cause were going downtown with the Bastard Winos. Get ready to boogie on down as "Storm Called Me' starts to brew. Channeled by blues legend gods and a good dose of Boone Farm Apple this opener is a big swig from the jug. Switched up vocals from Chile and Harlis give it good. Harlis is big blue lung, while Chili is the wood chip, both down right distinctive. ”

Lucky - Sugarbuzz Magazine

“Bastard Winos "Empty Bottles …"(independent) – If members of AC/DC and Lynyrd Skynyrd joined forces with blues greats Howlin’ Wolf or Muddy Waters, the sonic outcome might well sound like the new debut from Bastard Winos. Echoes of everyone from Little Richard ("100 Proof Juice") to the Georgia Satellites ("Bottle of Ink") abound on this set of raucous rock ’n’ roll. Is this band’s boisterous approach the real deal? You bet. "Nowadays, image-styled makeovers and studio overproduction have watered down even the most independent of rock artists. Not so for the raucous Bastard Winos, a high-energy outfit out of Huntington Beach, California that flat out rocks. For anyone wishing for the emergence of a band that matters and songs that resonate with the fury of rock ‘n’ roll’s early heroes, put in “Empy Bottles…" and crank it up loud." ”

Robert Kinsler - The Register

“the Bastard Winos show at Fitzgerald's I had the opportunity to interview Bastard Winos. Recently, I caught up with the band and saw its performance at Fitzgerald's in Huntington Beach. The band (well, three-fourths of it) kicked off its performance with a lowdown blues tune called "Orange Blossom." It was a tremendous way to begin the show, particularly with Harlis's guitar solo. The band performed the first few tunes without Chile, and even though it was already pretty energetic, he kicked it into another gear. If I had to describe the performance of the Bastard Winos in a minimalist fashion, I would describe it as high-energy. Chris (who played both electric and upright bass) and Chile moved around a lot on the stage while Greg kept the beat and Harlis wailed on the guitar. On a few occasions, Chile jumped down and sang amidst the members of the audience that had gathered near the stage. ”

Gary Schwind - Broowaha