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BassMint Pros AKA BMP!~ (TM) / Press

“Meanwhile up in Ogden, Brewskis will play host to the latest release from the BassMint Pros. For those of you unfamiliar with the Ogden-based collective, it basically features a mix of emcees, DJs, producers, singers and other music figureheads in and around Ogden, along with special guests from time to time joining in the fun. The names that have contributed over the years have been impressive, each adding their own flare to the lineup at any given time, but like any collective the project continues to move on and progress to influence local hip hop. The current incarnation has a new "12 full-length titled The Hip-Hop Collective, which will be released tonight at Brewskis”

"BassMint Pros represent the true essence of hip-hop. From lyrics down to the production. True to their word when it comes to business, and always precise. Very easy to work with... I see BMP doin' big things in the near future!! Shoutout to the man Beatnic... I see you homie!!" Kis B (BOOMBOXX)

"...the Bassmint Pros... (one) of the state’s best producers." Standard Examiner

“excellent choice for a radio host! Beatnik's extensive musical knowledge and taste is exactly what gives BassMint Pros the musical depth that is so lacking in a lot of hip hop.”

Camden Ray Chamberlain (KiteFishing Studios; Engineer/Producer, etc... - You Tube Suicycles Webisode

"...BMP Bass Mint Pros for all the support you give. You're music is dope and you stand by every word that comes out of your mouth! Respect and Salute from B Side reppin BoomBoxx Music!..." Be Side

"BMP drops another dope song...literally and figuratively...in the quest to return hip hop back to its roots BMP continues to SHAKE things up.."

“I give much respect and love to BMP who represents everything I stand for in hip hop. Something that has been lost within the media hype, and corporate puppeteering; but I feel the world is dying to feel again and is returning to the world back into its original form....”

Intrikit - BassMint Pros FaceBook Musick page.

"BMP is very possibly what will put Utah on the map for Hip-Hop music. The "Bee Hive" offers something to the hip-hop community, and its not our ghettos or our gangsters or our player and hustlers... everyone has a story, and Utah's story is unique. If you already know this, you are a BassMint Pro!" -David Adams, Family Only Ent

David Adams - Family Only Ent


"S/O to BassMint Pros from BoomBoxx Music! If you ever get a chance to work with these cats....I suggest you take them up on it! Very talented and serious about their music!!"

"Nicely done Beatnic! The music keeps my head nodding, and the site has my eyes diving into the space. Social Networked like a mofo buster. Keep on inspiring and creating coolness in Dogdenation and elsewhere too." (Website)

"Our favorite local Hip Hop: We met BassMint Pros Musick in 2011... an awesome collective of artists and the crews that work with them..." Uncle Scam

"BMP! Lovin the tunes! I had so much fun singing on "Yup"! ... I am down!! ~ Ann-Britt Kennedy

"...BMP is where its at, I work with lots and LOTS of artists of all kinds and BMP/Beatnik is at the top of that list as a personal favorite." Q-Ball (Boom-Boxx)

"...shoutout to the BassMint Pros team out there in Ogden and the BMP Pirate Radio Take-Over Show make sure yall check out the music talented talented talented brothers!" (GodsGiftNoOffense)

"...BassMint Pros! Fun and Professional...@ the same time!? Wonderful productions! Let the chain off the hook too! No wonder y GREAT music comes out the BassMint....=)" DomeX

"BMP Pirate Radio Take-Over Show! Bridgn the gap from Ogden to Salt Lake and beyond!... BassMint Pros... be a part of the movement!" Will Knox

“Thats whats up I'm glad there are still more of our kind left out here in this upside down world...”

"...fusion music laced in hip hop; how awesome! Almost every sound conceivable included here..."

"BASS MINT PROS! Holdin it down for O town, keep on doin what your doin... " Grits Green.

"...crazy bastard taught me almost everything I know about music! Big ups Beatnic!" -- Mad Max

“Thanks for coming on the show today!! Awesome stuff!!!!! Ya'll took over like teen wolf takes over a bball game!!! (BMP Pirate Radio Take-Over Show on 881 Weber FM) ... The WeekEnd Show”

The Weekend Show 881 Weber FM - BassMint Pros FaceBook Musick page.

“its always an honor to be around some real folks in the music bizz.its gonna be alot of fun getting creative with my free style on BMP Pirate Radio Show Take Over....”

POP - www.bassmintpros.com


Rhagenetix (Underground Rapper) Ogden Blocks and City Streets!~ - FaceBook

“Big shout out to BassMintPros...real hip hop, for real hip hop heads! David Castillo!~ (801 hard-hitting BMP sponsored MMA fighter)”

David Castillo - www.bassmintpros.com

"I Looove PB & chocolate almost as much as I love me some BMP, prog. RAP, awesomeness:))" Ischa Bee (Uncle Scam)

"hot tracks much love and respect for your music..." Cuban Connection Ent.

"Welcome to tha future! BMP RADIO!" Kountry Boi

"Nice! BMP is poised and set to blow!"

"Shake" by BassMint Pros Musick Ft. Domex & Rebel Concept - Sick ass joint!" Rebel Concept. Mr Beny Records.

“This is one of the most fresh collaborations I've heard in a long time! Well done everyone that was part of this badass track! (2hI) Jared Christensen of; The Weekend Show. 881 Weber FM.”

Jared Christensen (Local Radio Personality and Comedian) - www.bassmintpros.com

"...BMP Y'all doin everythang what alot of people like me only dream of...Y'all on ur game and I proud to see that...I need to follow in Y'all shoes.....Much love and respect.. " wG-3

“'.... had the privledge of working with this gentleman on his project, BassMint Pros. Hip-hop and wicked fun!! ....'”

“.... Big up! Infinite respect! ....”

Spitso Frantic - BassMint Pros FaceBook Musick page.

"This track is sick......and Im not tired of it!" (Sick N Tired) DK

"...siiiiiiiic jams right hur."

“....Tight flow homey and tight beat as well....”

Resonomics (801 Rapper) - BassMint Pros Musick page

"...Check out BassMint Pros and BassMint Pros Musick they got that FIRE like the shit the hippies smoke on! YADADIMEAN!"

"This is gonna be sweet!!! Looking forward!!! Let the BMP revolution continue!!" BIG JC

"...Finally the Greater Ogden area can have some aural pleasure. Blessed be the Radio and BMP."

“BMP In the Buildin!!! Get at the Bassmint Pros for Production, Collabs and Much More!!!! Will Knox. Music Shop.”

“Bassmint Pros go hard! Good quality. Keep on the grind. You've got love from the locals!! Nate Scott (801 rapper)”

"..,BMP your cooler then anitfreeze..." GIFTED ENT.

“....the songs r tight! like em a lot, very unique and something you don't hear everyday.”

Cory Burnett (WebMaster) - FaceBook BMP

"Shout out to BMP keep doing your thing... sick song keep it up"

“I support BMP! and all the true hip hop! -Roe”

"...BMP Pirate Radio Take Over Show is the real deal"

"The Pros from down in the BassMint, blaze beats and lace tracks with a quickness"

Doug Anderson - Southwest Sounds Press

“...These beats get stuck in my head so good....I hum along all day long!!!... Ischa Bee.”

"BMP is progressing and elevating hip hop to new levels in the new age of music! Keep your eyes open and watch these guys!" ... Intrikit; Mar 13

Intrikit (AZ Hip-Hop Champ) - ReverbNation

"If you dont know the underground champs; BM.P. You will soon"

Ronnie Dobbs - Boston Journal

“....be prepared fa tha movement! ”

Kountry Boi (Hip-Hop Hustler) - FaceBook BassMint Pros

"...this was hommies need..........real hip hop"

"This "MUSICK" is what has been painfully missing for a long time in the hip-hop world"

Don "Rip City" Robertson - Portland Underground Press

“BMP MUSICK is the soundtrack for pulling teeth.”

Lester Bangs - Village Voice

“BassMint Pros; a new classic! I've heard what's coming out on the new CD and it was so cold I got the chills! ”

“From PNC to FTE now BMP, it never stops with these Hip-Hop Headz whom are taking over the underground.”

Fred Jarrett - Pueblo Journal

“Beatnic Da Diabolik with his Wall of Sound, is the Phil Spector of Hip-Hop.”

Travis Locke - Mt. Hood Journal

“Beatnic Da Diabolik of BMP is a sick DJ and also a very solid producer.”

Cory Burnett - terra45.com

"Beatnic Da Diabolik of BassMint Pros is the Weird Al of Hip-Hop"

Camden Chamberlin - Suicycles Webisode (KiteFishing Studios)

“BMP; BassMint Pros, is the real deal Hip-Hop here kids! Ya know, 2 turntables and a Mircophone SUCKAZ!”

Herb Bangcock - terra45.com

“Headz up! Be on the look out for 'REAL' Hip-Hop. Good luck BMP, BIG THANGS coming soon for BassMint Pros!”

“...Bass Mint Pro & Gifted Entertainment is hitting harder then Captain America at the box office...”

“I just love the very unique sounds that the Hip-Hop underground group BassMint Pros has created.”

CMB - The Daily Express