Bartin Memberg / Press

“As far as music goes, I usually find myself fawning over the experimental border’s edge stuff as opposed to the beaten path of rehashed 60s pop and bro-fi. If there’s a catchy little hook buried inside what seems the product of an individual’s (or band’s) efforts to innovate and authenticate, even better. “Hammered Enamored” is the latter: piano punches and vocal sighs are mixed brilliantly to form the song’s structure while Memberg (or Bemberg, whatever) sings like an even more timid Owen Pallett. Classy stuff.”

I Guess I'm Floating

“I’ve grown quite attached to it in a short period of time. Bartin Memberg describes his wares on Sills as experimental hip-hop, but to these long and wasted ears, a track like Hammered Enamored could easily have snuck on side B of Low.”

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