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“Jeceris "Nalbum Foryas" Debut Album Review by The Independent”

John Gregory - The Independent

““Great to have this high energy band (Jeceris) performing in Cornwall for the first time. The audiences treat them like a band they have known for years.” James. James Dundon Pirate FM ”

“Busy Year planned for Geode Music Artists. With live performances and studio releases on the horizon Geode Music is in for a good year.”

“RanDallk (also on ReverbNation) Subject: "the sweet taste of Steely Dan" "The sweet taste of Steely Dan" ---Everytime i get to that line in your song "Could've been Us" just , It just grabs my guts ( In a Good way) Love your Tracks, and your Sound just blows me away. Peace, RanDallk ”

“PREPARE TO BE BLOWN AWAY BARRY NELSON: Nalbum Foryas is simply an impressive rock album that will appeal to a wide audience.It features some wonderful musical interplay between all the instruments.”

“SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE AT THE VILLA Nelson and Jeceris who performed material from the impressive album Foryas a night before the official album launch at the Cornerhouse, Douglas. They are all great musicians and the songs sounded excellent live.”

“Bob Harrison made Barry Nelson & Jeceris album 'Nalbum Foryas' Album of the week from 23rd April 2007. Two of the tracks have been on the Station's main playlist ever since. Says Bob "I love the track Jack, and a TT race fan from Ireland named the same track the 'song of TT Week 2007'”

Bob Harrison - Manx Radio

“Barry Nelson & Jeceris ‘Nalbum Foryas CD. This is music of the highest quality and deserves to be heard by the whole world. Clever lyrics, catchy tunes, & top rate musicians.Invest in this Jeceris CD and your purchase will be repaid with interest galore over & over. Bob.”

Bob Harrison - Manx Radio

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