BareRoots Bill Chambers / Press

“Bill Chambers, Bare Roots - "A true folksinger in the tradition of Woody and Phil and old-school Bobby Dylan" - (Lou Dominguez - Folksinger)”


"like a delicious blend of Townes Van Zandt, Johnny Cash...a true story-teller with an unforgettable voice"

Ivy Sky - Reverb Artist

“...the same spirit as of Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash. real roots. real good!”

JoeJaunty - RN

“Bill represents what is real and wonderful about a man and his guitar, singing the truth with honest voice, writing and playing great songs.”

Rick BeauSoleil - RN

“This is the sound of American heart, made of strength and loneliness. Beautiful Johnny Cash-esque tone and delivery!”

Janice Kephart - Reverb Artist