Barely Small™ / Press

“Very cool stuff!”

J.Delfino - Reverbnation

“I have listed to your song Feel The Fire you started with guitar playing very good also your voice is heard and strong and the drums are wonderful also the sound is good it is a good number.”

Peter K - Reverbnation

"Stay " & "paralyze pt 1" awesome songs bro!!

aka raunitus - Reverbnation

“A+ Sound !”

Dave. K - Reverbnation

“What goes up must come down,your music is some of the best around”

The Lord of Lightning - Reverbnation

“Love how dramatically different your songs are from each other! Great feels! Stay... sigh... reminded me of a lot of things. Very relatable. Great job! :')”

Totally Overrated Sellouts - Reverbnation

"She's the girl", nice music. Keep it up.

Kirby Wendt Band - Reverbnation

“, You´re doing a very nice music!!”

Overfall - Reverbnation

“Hello Barley Small.. You have some Sweet ROCKING songs there!!!Our Favourite is "Feel The Fire " Only just though!! We Gave you a well deserved LIKE”

Salt NZ - Reverbnation

“enjoying your songs and recordings!”

Waters of March (Shawn M. Haney) - Reverbnation

“Hey, You have a great sound..”

DynaRapta - Reverbnation

“New romance is off the chain”

MC YO WASSUP - Reverbnation

“Thank you very much!! Guys..you rock..I like your The Blade of his Knife..cool metallic sound..ROCK ON!!!”

Jean Vivace - Reverbnation

“a big thumbs up from me”

Bishop Robinson BMI - Reverbnation

“Exciting and inventive songs and sound!”

Juliann Andreen - Reverbnation

“Brilliant soundtrack on Zombie Apocalypse. Really love your tracks!”

Sucker Frantic - Reverbnation

“Brilliant soundtrack on Zombie Apocalypse. Really love your tracks!”

Sucker Frantic - Reverbnation

“Great stuff, keep up the good work! \m/\m/”

Iraqi Death Police - Reverbnation

“Cheers lads! I like your sounds & stuff”

Paul's Songs of Belief - Reverbnation

“Thanks Barely Small for sharing such great music and being a Friend. I'm thinking of changing my Band Name to "Hardly Large!" :-)”

Paul & Starry Knights - Reverbnation

“Hello, Barely Small!:))) We are AWE.SOME from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Our style is sympho metal dance. Your music is amazing and coming from the heart! Stay true and keep your individuality as a main treasure!”

AWE.SOME - Reverbnation

“Like your style!”

The Casual Observers

“great songs”

Drem TGI

“Great music!”

Waking Myth - Reverbnation

“Good music and excellent work..”


“What I hear here isn't bad at all!”

REVEREND ABUSE - Reverbnation

“You guys Rock. Keep it real”

KOUGARAN - Reverbnation

“You guys are great! Keep up the awesome work!”

Carolyn Cage - Reverbnation

“ Great Songs!! ”

Rose Christair Artist, Smoking Butt Records - Reverbnation

“ I like your music. ”

HALL OF GLASS - Reverbnation

“ GOOD MUSIC!! I'm a fan ”

Lyrikill the Lyricist aka C. Hustle - Reverbnation

“... great music!!!”

Rage of South - Reverbnation

“Awesome shredding. Love the Dokken influence. "Paralyzed Again" is a rocker. Nice work”

Panther Style - Reverbnation

“Finding A Life is very cool.”

Children Of The Moon - Reverbnation

“ Your Music is Sound'N Real GOOD!! :)”

SPACE ANGEL 7 - Reverbnation

“ Particularly enjoyed 'Plastic Individual' great riff and singing! Nice work guys”

Jackn Bones (CHILD OF LIGHT)

“ Great sound”

The Bob Schmiedl Band - Reverbnation

“great music !!”

Katsumi Yoshihara - Reverbnation

“u guys rock!!!”

Paranormal One - Reverbnation


WARSHIP - Reverbnation

“ Love the viscerally ethereal sounds-capes your painting.”

GreatMindsInside - Reverbnation

“ Great tunes!!!”

Wisdom 6 - Reverbnation

“ Excellent songs!”

Miezul Noptii - Reverbnation

“..checked out your tunes and great job”

Bad Influence OKC - Reverbnation

“ Nice songs, like your sound !”

Chavilbus - Reverbnation

“ I really dig ur music.”

Native Son - Reverbnation

“Great Music!!!”

Tommy Hand - Reverbnation

“ Great material by the way, a real good listen!”

Red James Band - Reverbnation

“ Good shit.”

The Gentlemen Mutineers - Reverbnation

“I listened to your song, "Finding a Life". Nice!”

Reverbnation - Maribeth Alexander

“ Good Sound!”

Olen Roberts Music - Reverbnation

“I enjoy listening to your music.”

Glenn Dodd - Reverbnation

“really enjoying your music”

Aliceleonz - Reverbnation

“ Awesome sound!”

DAVO - Reverbnation

“ Epic sound/talent here!”

Matthew Johnston - Reverbnation

“ Hey! Amazing music”

Enoch - Reverbnation

“ Awesome music”

JAGARKNOT - Reverbnation

“ Bad ass tunes homey”

TranKQuiLL - Reverbnation

“ Great sound too !”

MERCY - Reverbnation

“ Song Name: Believe wow song has alot of energy”

Dee Dee - IM Radio

“Smooth vocals! ”

Diana Wilson - IM Radio

“I like your music”

Anuerythm - Reverbnation

“Digging your tracks ~ esp. Paralyzed Again & Zombie Apocalypse.”

Christopher T. Wilkerson - Reverbnation

“heard your songs and I like your sound. I became a fan.”

Juan 87 - Reverbnation

“ Great sound!”

Dexter Montgomery - Reverbnation

“Your music has great energy!”

Kitten With a Whip - Reverbnation


twenty2 - Reverbnation

“ You have a Great sound, we like your songs,Finding a Life is a great song,”

Sanctioned To Life - Reverbnation

“The Django Riders Really enjoy your music”

The Django Riders - Reverbnation

“ Great tunes here. Keep rockin :)”

Celestial Centerfold - Reverbnation

“good stuff guys!”

terry and diane mccabe - IMRadio

“ hi Barely Small, cool tunes! peace”

freeDave - IMRadio

“ Unspoken speaks to me. Nice guitars! I like the heavy bass.”

Bristol Kids - IMRadio

“ Good stuf!”

Mychal Kelly - Reverbnation

“Cool sound, especially like the songwriting and the vocals.”

Marlan - Reverbnation

“Outstanding Music”

Rodmac40 - Reverbnation

“Dig your music! You rock!!!!”

JEFF KIMPLAND - Reverbnation

“Good music!”

AITG/Agony In The Garden - Reverbnation

“Like "Paralyzed Again." Kind of old school - which is very cool!”

David Downs - Reverbnation

“We like your music”

THE VEGABONDS - Reverbnation

“Great songs played well and showing a diverse range of influences. I'm impressed!”

David Layton - Guitarist - Reverbnation

“Great Sound, Barely Small.”

Hammer Claw - Facebook

“i like your song”

RAS KING BOBO1 - Facebook

“Great sounding music guys, rock on!”

Concrete Injection - Reverbnation

“i really dig ur tunes!”

Chris Rickerhauser - Reverbnation

“You're awesome.”

Clouds of Analog - Reverbnation

“We really like your stuff!”

Clouds of Analog - reverbnation

“good tunes”

Abertooth Lincoln - Reverbnation

“Hey, guys, This is some damn fine work ! Really unique tunes. Killer.”

The Ted Vaughn Blues Band - Reverbnation

“Diggin your groove!”

Longshot Voodoo - Reverbnation

“Great tunes!”

COUNTER PURSUIT - Reverbnation

“I'm diggin the music,”

Red Beats - Reverbnation

“Great songs and a great sound. I am excited about the great songs that will follow. . Thanks for the great work.”

Orange Green - Reverbnation

“Your music is great! I'll lFan y'all and leave a comment! Rock On!”

Me? The Hero - Reverbnation

“Souding great! Good luck with your music!”

Constanc Wolter - Facebook

“Love the stuff!”

THE VELDT - Reverbnation

“. I'm diggin' your tunes right now. Great job and excellent musicainship, Cos”

Cosmo Grassano - Reverbnation

“Great songs, great sound!”

Elizabeth Storms - Reverbnation

“Great channel you have , cool sounds.”

Eric O - Reverbnation

“Real great and amazing work!!”

BERNARIZATION - Reverbnation

“rythym guitar tone on the demo you sent reminds me of KISS "Tears Are Falling". I love it!”

Lathe Jordon - Reverbnation

“OUT OF THE BLUE!!! Helll yeahhh!”

Wings of Apollo - Reverbnation

“I like your sound! Keep 'em coming!”

Pock Suppets - IMRadio

“Man I too love the "garage Band" feel of your tunes...you guys are tight, I bet you have a BLAST playin' together! Carry ON !”

Martin- The Idjit Savant - Reverbnation

“Review: Smooth vocals! Song Name: Life On The Highway Reviewer: Diana Wilson”

Diana Wilson - IMRadio

“Listening to your music now, sounds great!! : )”

Rhonda Keelon FLippo - Reverbnation

“Hell yea kool tunes!”

Jr Spoons - Reverbnation

“Cool music!!”

Tony Dizant - Reverbnation

“Zombie Apocalypse is DEAD Chill brothers.”

Nik Howlett - Reverbnation

"Paralyzed Again" rocks! Great song!

Blue Plasma Orb - Reverbnation


Cole - IM Radio

“Cool sound you guys have. "Paralyzed Again" sounds terrific. I like it.”

Plaid On Flannel - Reverbnation

“Lovin Paralyzed Again .”

Jon Rox - Reverbnation

“Hey guys, great stuff!!!!”

Plastic Spaceman - Reverbnation

“Awesome sound! Paralized Again rocks!”

Gin N Chronic - Reverbnation

“Liked! Love the psych intro to your tune then it rocks hard.”

Steve Bonino - Reverbnation

“You guys are rockin out great tunes!”

Underpaid Sidemen - Reverbnation

“Hi, Nice music :) Thanks and keep your music pumping :)”

Martian Patrol - Reverbnation

“Hi Thanks for your support, I'm really enjoying your music! Keep up the great work, cant wait to hear what you do next!”

BREE-ARNE CHAMLEY - Reverbnation

“Great music.. The blade if his knife is awesome!”

VictimEyes - Reverbnation

“Very nice work, impressive sound keep making that music magic Dj Strange, Don Juan..G.F SMG/Sony Red/Wok”

Grown Folks - Reverbnation

“Love your music. I”

Sheila Ann - Reverbnation

“Hey - enjoy your music! ;-)”

Versuchsanordnung - Reverbnation

“ nice fellas, kinda sounds like Danzig, one of my fav bands too. \m/\m/ keep them heads banging!!....paralyed again is a badass song too by the way, great stuff fellas”

Annabell Leigh - Reverbnation

“ Great sound guys ... Cheers from the UK”

CharlieMartin - Reverbnation

“ I like your attitude of music so keep on rocking boys.”

Rhythm aBuse - Reverbnation

“keep up the good work there..”

MD/Dr Flya - Reverbnation

“ Keep on doing what you're doing! Love it!”

So To Speak - Reverbnation

“ Thanks a lot for being around, as my appreciation for your support, a tree is dedicated to your name for a year on the lands protected by BioRhythm (My social cause to protect nature for future generations, be assured no charity or donations will ever be asked or is even accepted :) My FB page is https://www.facebook.com/RSMahmood.BioRhythm it will be great if we can connect there and at other sites like twitter, my space, sound cloud etc. too. Wishing you and yours sunshine and smiles from Dubai, all the best. Regards. Rana.”

RS Mahmood - Reverbnation

“ Hello nice music.”

Madjus T - Reverbnation

“ Cheers, you guys rock..”

Tempist Fujit - Reverbnation

“ Great Music!! Continue to Bless us with your Creativity/Art:)”

Karma Alain - Reverbnation

“ actual good stuff guys! -”

Siren - Reverbnation

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small minded people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great. [Mark Twain]....Peace... Frontline”

Frontline - IMRadio


cLuStErLuCk - MySpace

“ WOWGreat musicality”

Keeper of the Plains - Reverbnation

“ Incredible sounds!! "Without You" has a melodic feeling that pulls you in!!! Great vocals!!”

The Fifth Fire - Reverbnation

“We dig hearing your songs in IMRadio's radio rotation! Thanks for supporting our new radio station!”

Veronica - IMRadio

“ HEI!! HELLO!!! Your Sound Is Great!!!”

MOQ - Reverbnation

“ GREAT job++ we adore! u r really amazing n deserve the best! keep on being fantastic n creative! it sounds yourself n its IMPORTANT++xxx”

Sarah 'n Tormy - Reverbnation

“ Great sound! May God richly bless you in all you do!”

Chaotic Resemblance - Reverbnation

“Have a great day and keep delivering your amazing music!”

Together Again - Reverbnation

“ Great energy & music! I appreciate the alliance!”

D! - Reverbnation

“ Cool music.”

Vaughn St.Clair - Reverbnation

“ I really enjoyed your music and support..”

KEV HUTCH - Reverbnation

“ Hi, Nice music :)”

Markus James - Reverbnation


sixth street band - Reverbnation

“ Thanks guys!! You're music is great as well. Very well done!!”

Rick & John - Reverbnation

“ Good Rock music..”

Andreas Welke - Facebook

“ great tunes”


“ Your Awesome! More power! You rule!!!”

ROSES FOR GRACE - Reverbnation

“ Loved your tracks!”

The Professor and Naomi Kay - Reverbnation

“sounding aweome”

The Koyotes - Reverbnation

“ Hey way to rock, great stuff guys, happy to support and recommend you.”

Joseph J - Reverbnation

“ great music and execution...”

Seven Seconds Deep - Reverbnation

“i really enjoy with your music.ROCK ON!! ;)”

Pepelux Lopez - Facebook

“ Cheers! loving your music”

Teressa Oliver - Facebook

“Digg your sound! Peace..”

Andrew Neil - Facebook

“ Loving stay and out of the blue. That cool retro vibe is nice to listen to on an early monday morning.”

12 string scott - Reverbnation

“ ...Listening to your music now...Digg your sound!”

Andrew Neil - Reverbnation

“Yor killing it btw Love the music!”

D-Fraize (Trey Mafia Productions) - Reverbnation

“ Good Tunes!”

FeNyX - Reverbnation

“ Sweet tunes! Keep rockin!”

Happy Thieves in Paradise - Reverbnation

“ hey guys. .... we like your sound. very killer. keep in touch. reminds me of a modern day Rush groove which is killer!!”

Faith of the Damned - Reverbnation

“ hey thanks!! you guys rock..”

Boneyard Sküllbong - Reverbnation

“LIke ur sound too”

Redemption - Reverbnation

“ cool music guys keep it up and best of luck”

Mauling Moccasins - Reverbnation

“Hey guys. Great sound you have, really enjoy!”

Stephen Brad--Vocalist - Reverbnation

“ Great creative tracks and talent. We wish you much success! ”

BadgerStatic - Reverbnation

“ Hey Barely Small, great work and style, keep rocking and greetings from Heidelberg, Germany”

61inch - Reverbnation

“ You are an incredible talent! " Without you" is a true showcase of that! Much Love xoxo”

FunkyGroovyLemonade - Reverbnation

“ superb music loving you style good production skills”

djgeorgefrancis - Reverbnation

“ Quality Music ! ”

David. S - Universal Music Group


Vernandlinda Hoffman Dakessian - Facebook

“The songs you have posted, such as "Blade Of His Knife" and "Believe", bring back memories of the hard rocking 80's sound which is missed at times. It is a lost art form to bring that style and make it sound as fresh as you do in the current decade.”

Jordan - The Indie

“You're sounding cool as well. Keep on rockin'”

Tate Sims - Reverbnation

“ Wonderful music by your side! Cool sound!”

Maks Kartashov - Reverbnation

“The Blade of the Knife reminds me of someone!!!! Good tune. Thanks for your support and keep on rockin’! ”

Dan Harrington - Reverbnation

"enjoying what i'm hearing..will definitely recommend you on our page"

Mike White Presents - Reverbnation

"Love the tunes!"

Madam Dupon - Reverbnation

“Hey I love your music!”

Kyle Davis - Reverbnation

“Hi, My name is Elizabeth MacInnis,I enjoyed your music.”

Elizabeth MacInnis - Reverbnation

“Wonderful Music! Pure talent. Cheers.”

Elmer Pastorius - Reverbnation

“:-)WOW. I Truly Admire Your Tunes,Style & Passion.”

IRINA - Reverbnation

“Nice stuff!”

Eclipse - Reverbnation

“Listened to " The Blade of his Kn…". Really nice!”

Ciro Amaral - Reverbnation

"thanks mr barrell....your a good boy...i dont care what others say about you...kinda sounds ...beatle-ish...sounds good boy"...Paul Gresh

Paul Gresh - Freeman's Backporch

"ominous..great stuff..cool..ya..its dark ..but the world is half the time..lol....." .Kenny Mac Dougall

Kenny Mac Dougall - Freeman's Backporch

“Great sound you have.”

The Blind Spots - Reverbnation

“Cool music, kinda sounds like smashing pumpkins in some ways!”

Anonymous Bosch - Reverbnation

“great look and great tunes...”

Dave Bickmore - Reverbnation

“cool tunes”

robert weldon - Reverbnation

“you got an amazing sound!”

laws of Average - Reverbnation

“Stay - Nice!”

Burn All The Liars - Reverbnation

“Stopping by to show some MICHIGAN LOVE!! Great stuff!”

Mark Thomas 5150 - Reverbnation

“like your song man, keep rockin”

The skill desire - Reverbnation

“awesome music!!!”

Shen - Reverbnation

“Love the sound!”

VOo Davis - Reverbnation

“You got some nice tracks there my friend.”

Andy Shearer - Reverbnation

“Love your stuff (DETROIT ROCKS!)”

Kenny McGeorge - Reverbnation

“Nice music!”

Aleksandar Ludajic - Reverbnation

“your music is awesome”

The Unnamed - Reverbnation

“Great and melodic songwriting at it's best. "NASTY" has the hooks and grooves to reinvent horndog rock and roll. Other songs on the band's playlist display the great guitar work, both lead and rythym, backed by a steady beat on drums and bass. Detroit has a diamond in the rough about to burst out.”

RD - I.M.N.

“GREAT STUFF! Keep the Tunes Comin!”

Skyline Blues Band - Reverbnation

“digging what yall re doing here!”

Pedagogic - Reverbnation

“hey I really like ur music keep up the great work”

jmcqueen - Reverbnation

“Great music Barely Small!!”

Art Flesh Gordon - Reverbnation

“Stay is an awesome tune!”

Painting Elephants - Reverbnation

“Great stuff you've got”

Jimmy Packes - Reverbnation

“cool vibe to your music”

RON LEE - Reverbnation

“Your stuff is awesome!”

Last In Line - Reverbnation

“love your music”

Peter O' Sullivan - Reverbnation

“Very nice songs!!”

The Peppermint Candy - Reverbnation

“Hi, great vibe you have happening here”

The Judes - Reverbnation

“hooked into the feel created with a song called : I Can't Help........”

Johnny Kareem Gagnon - Reverbnation

“Loving ur sound !! Keep up the great work!!”

Stacy Nevaeh - Reverbnation

“Great Songs. Your music provides a bridge to life's feelings & emotions. Music is experienced life and dreams. I'm a fan.”

Casey Picou - Reverbnation

“A'right Barely Small Drunk mule 'ere diggin' yer sounds. Cheers”

Drunk Mule (Steve and Rich) - Reverbnation

“Diggin your work my friend, Best of Luck ,Keep it Rockin & Keep it Real”

Frontline and the BrotherHood of Sound - Reverbnation

“Great sound, guys. Nasty is a cool track.”

Liquid Universe - Reverbnation

“What a wonderful song - STAY. Very John Lennon like. I really dig your style. Lots of great feeling in your music. You both sound awesome.”

Greg Ashton Haze - Reverbnation

“OMG. i love your music!!”

Skyltiffincosy - Reverbnation

“Diggin your work my friend, Best of Luck ,Keep it Rockin & Keep it Real...”

Frontline - Reverbnation

“I Walk Alone is a powerful rockin' track. Great vocal and great guitar work. And Nasty is a really fine piece of work.”

Last Day On Earth - Reverbnation

“your songs are superb great awsome love to listen”

mohnysh - Reverbnation

“Great tunes. Real Rockers!”

They Know - Reverbnation

“LOVIN Ur music; awesome, uplifting and incredibly catchy Power Pop Rock and Acoustic anthems, gr8 vocals and power chords+ nice distortion and effects on Ur guitar! U remind me a lot of the hair metal bands of mid- late 80s and early 90s such as Status Quo, Journey and G&R! I espesh enjoyed "I Walk Alone" and "Unspoken!"”

Jamie Connolly - Reverbnation

“Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul.”

Anke Zohm - MySpace

“Congratulations! I really enjoyed the work of you! Success!”

Rosane Jorge - MySpace

“HEY nice work. Keep doing this good work of yours”

LYRICKSO - Reverbnation

“feeling the music nice tunes,”

EYERAP - Reverbnation

“Great Sound. Enjoy your music.”

Danish Butter Cookies - Reverbnation

“good stuff guys really solid keep up the good work”

August25 - Reverbnation

“Totally awesome Detroit rock city..Rock! Thanks so much..you guys are awesome ~ Delaney”

Delaney - Reverbnation

“I'm digging your tunes, nice vibe.”

Elliott Pacetti - Reverbnation

“Hey BS, Gotta Show My UK Love & Support 2 urPage,”

Charleena - Reverbnation

“sounds great. Nice guitar sounds...”

Warren Greig - Reverbnation

“You guys sound great, keep on pushing forward!”

Looney Train - Reverbnation

“i like the sound,”

Lunacy Dawns - Reverbnation

“You guys Rock”


“Great Music!”

Stand Volume - Reverbnation

“Love your songs and sound! Very good job”

Sonic Arrows - Reverbnation

“Hi! Nice work, keep on creating!”

Mister Sir - Reverbnation

“You guys rockin the old school sweet!”

Wasi Townsend and Madlove - Reverbnation



“diggin it hard!”

Y Lizzie - Reverbnation

“We dig you too!! Detroit Rocks!”

Stealing Betty - Reverbnation

“Hey you guys keep on rock'in! I listen to Believe and get a "Bark at the Moon" kinda vibe. Good stuff!”

Half Stack Heart Attack - Reverbnation

“great music”

Stephan - Reverbnation

“Enjoyed your music :) Keep up the good work”

Foxman - Reverbnation

“Totally Rockin bros. Really diggin the feel... Peace & Success”

Lesus Mor - Reverbnation

“ Impressive guys. Haven't heard all of it yet, but what I've heard I love.”

Rob McMillan - Barely Small Facebook Page

“Smooth rock, love it! "I Can't Help" is our favorite song of yours , you rock”

Hurt By Hope - Reverbnation

“Checked out your Tunes.... Great Talent.... www.facebook.com/specyphi Thanks Specyphi”

Specyphi - Reverbnation

“Right on man thanks a lot we enjoy your sound as well !! Rock on !!”

Pain and Cable - Reverbnation


The Havenites - Reverbnation

“LiKe ya sOng NASTY.......”

Gundirock - Reverbnation

“We are diggin your sound and vibe! Believe is a great track!”

Suckerpush - Reverbnation

"One way trip to Heaven" Nice track.

Diversifyd - Indie Music Channel

“Hi BS :-) Like "OWTTH"”

Leland Luster - Indie Music Channel

“You Guys sound Great!!!!! Keep Up the Great Work!!!!!!!”

SharBaby Newport - Indie Music Channel


ZONECASHUS - Reverbnation

“you guys kick ass! great sound and riffs.”

Born & Raised - Reverbnation

“Hi Barely Small. Listening to "Believe" now. Great track. Good luck to you!”

Kitchen On Fire - Reverbnation

“Yer stuff is good..”

The Mysteios - Reverbnation

“Great playlist you have here, enjoyed listening”

Barrett - Reverbnation

“Sounds great! just stopped by to check out your music and say hello!”

Sean Patrick Adams - Reverbnation

“Your song "Return to Yesterday" is an amazing and emotional song with excellent vocals and instrumental accompaniment! Rocko & JV”

The Honest Mistake Band - Reverbnation

" I Believe " great rock n roll! loving this is So. Fla * Patricia :)

Ecologyngle - Reverbnation

“Nice music, very interesting voice.I'll be back for more. Isa”

Isa Conar - Reverbnation

“I Walk Alone rocks! But I especially liked the acoustic song I Can't Help. Very talented group”

Magnificat Sonnets - Reverbnation

“rock on dude. cool stuff.”

Blame it on Obama - Reverbnation

“Hey Guys, Its been to long since I last listened to a bunch of your stuff! Definite move towards the heavier end with "Burning Embers" and "Believe", but I can still detect Louisiana in the start of "Nasty", which is probably my fave track in this collection. Barely Small people - worth anybody's listen!!! Keep the music flowing PS Did I also say I really like "Allright"? Paul”

Paul Butler - Reverbnation

“Thumbs up!! YOU ROCK!”

Wheels - Reverbnation

“'Nasty' is our favorite so far. Best regards. /XP”

Xenophanes Productions - Reverbnation

“hey, randomly listened to your tunes, i like:) keep up the good work!”

Seven Story Fall - Reverbnation

“I enjoyed listening to "Burning Embers" but "Return to Yesterday" blew me away. You've a fantastic voice and project a great deal of energy and emotion in your songs. ~kc”

KC - Reverbnation

“Loving your great sounds! ”

Paul Robert Thomas - Reverbnation

“society rules great doom riff/melody mix! and burning embers is awesome too! kepp rockin bros! ”

static overdrive - Reverbnation

“Just browing & stopped by to listen and fan your page. I really like your songs. - ♫♪♫ KC DALEIGH (dolly) ”

KC DALEIGH - Reverbnation

“We are digging your sound and tracks! Excellent stuff!! ”

Pace Ride

“good stuff ”

AKUSTIK BOOGIE - Reverbnation

“Barely Small, Love your music. ”

Trish Loves Music - Reverbnation

“We hope you write a million songs, sell a million copies and achieve millions of smiles along the road! ”

Brando Quin and RavenPheat - Reverbnation

“Keep it going gr8 sound. Noth'n but grind'n ”

Knight- Tyme - Reverbnation

“brilliant music ”

Second Journey - Reverbnation

“rock on awesome stuff ;)”

John Macdonald - Facebook

“good stuff, I'll like you on facebook and became a fan, you rock ! ”

V. Cruz - Reverbnation

“I just got my copy of the new CD... and wow... i was impressed. Not only are there different styles of feel to the songs, but the sounds is great. Steve knows my fav is "Straight From the Heart" and I enjoyed it alot, especially on the Telethon. Ok, so I thought ALL the songs were great... but there are a few that stand out for me... "I Don't Wanna"... loved the acoustics "Here To Stay"... the lush sound is wonderful "Place"... has a nice sound and acoustic feel. It's mellow & sweet. "Giving Up"... has sort of an 'old school rock' feel to it. And a very good guitar solo. "Everytime"... has some cool licks & love the music. "Whispers In The Night"... awesome sound and solo. Well written, too. Out of all the cd's, I give this one 2 thumbs up! Good work boys. ”


“All I could say was 'Wow'... I was totally impressed. I liked the new material, and loved hearing those old songs. You both have a good voice and the guitars sounded complimentary together. It kind of reminded me of MTV's Live sessions, just jammin and having a good time. All in all, the sound was great and I would like to see/hear more. I thouroughly enjoyed all of it.”

Sondra - Angelfire

“Nice musical phrasing! If I had to characterize it, it seems vaguely reminiscent of a Seals & Crofts/America kind of interlude.It's a light, airy vibe, like a spring breeze. I'd love to hear the nature of the vocals you have in mind. One suggestion though: imho...Although the wooden blocks percussion is a good addition, at some points, it seems out of place-approximately every 3 bars or so. Maybe you could revisit this and add a few more "dramatic pauses" to that part of the rhythm. Or you could just say I have no idea what I'm talking about, and to shut the f* up, and I'd understand. It's a great start and I'd love to hear more. ”

Randy G - Angelfire

“As I searched through my vast collection of c.d.'s for my copy of "Aliens ate my girlfriend" by Smak and the boys ,I discovered it between System Of A Down's Toxicity and Stabbing Westward's Wither Blister Burn + Peel ! Goes to show how unorganized I am,but I found it and gave it another listen! What I heard was a lot of good music! This c.d. has a little something for everyone! There are tracks on this c.d that remind me of old Ronnie James Dio and Dokken songs(which is good stuff by the way!) Tracks that sound kinda John Lennon /Beatles influenced.But mostly this c.d has totally one of a kind original sounding stuff! I always especially liked the last track with that little techno thing they have goi'n on! Basically this is good music written and preformed by a bunch of good and talented guys!”

Sadie - Angelfire

“Music is dope, keep up the good work ”

B-Side - Reverbnation

“I came across your music and liked what I heard!”

Lolita Jennings - R & R World

“rock on guys ;)”

John Macdonald - Independent Artists

“We´ve seen your music and it´s so cool!! Keep it like that!!”

Soundbox - Reverbantion

“I recommended you on my facebook page. I like the style, keep it up! Take care-- Trevor Braukman Blue Delusion ”

Trevor Braukman --Blue Delusion - Reverbnation

“January Moon is absolute perfection. Beautiful job. Cheers to you from Cleveland!”

Orrery - Reverbnation

“First of all Great Music.. Live your dream the ones who work the hardest and stay true to themselves win in the end, Keep the faith may GOD BLESS YOUR MUSIC.. ”

J-CHRILL - Reverbnation

“Keep making great music! ”

Roy Trevizo - Reverbnation

“Great sounds man. I just became a fan and liked you on Facebook”

Mark Riley - Reverbnation

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H-Cane - Reverbnation

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Seven Days Lost - Reverbnation

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Candace Copeland - MySpace Music


Frankie Eldorado - Reverbnation

“I listened to your stuff, and it's really good. Catchy stuff! ”

Scott Paul Davis - Reverbnation

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40 Sons - Reverbnation

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Rheanne Rivers Yancy - Reverbnation

“YOU GUYS RULE!!! Keep up the great work! Your friend in Chicago DOCTARYN ”

DOCTARYN - MySpace Music

“Congratulations! I really enjoyed the work of you! Success! ”

Rosane Jorge - MySpace Music

“CONGRATULATIONS on making it to IMRadio's Featured Bands Wall on our Home Page! Make sure your fans know you are a Featured Band on IMRadio. Have them Rate/Review your Songs here on IMRadio! ”

Paddy Noonan, IMRadio, Founder and Musician - IMRadio

“we are listening to your "so much" its fantastic ”

Roy Corny - MySpace

“Hello BARELY SMALL, great tunes !!!”

Guido & Tatch - MySpace

“I really like your songs they are good ”

Sherry Ashley - MySpace

“wishing Barely Small great things to come with your sound! ”

Jessie Sparks - MySpace

“That's a good song (The Look in Her Eyes).”

Tom Richey - IM Radio

“Sounds great! Love your songs...”

Mark Sherry - IMRadio


Richard Johnston - Reverbnation

“Great songs guys : ) ”

Musical Mind Control - Reverbnation

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guru greg blakhatz - Reverbnation

“Beautiful music. Keep up the great work. Very talented! ”

Bugs Beddow Band - Reverbnation

“Smooth vocals!”

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“Unspoken speaks to me. Nice guitars! I like the heavy bass.”

James and Keri Walsh - ImRadio

“thank s for supporting.nice vintage sound and the way of making songs”

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“Hi Barely Small. Nice music!”

Isa Conar - IMRadio

“Very pure sound, guys!! Un saludo, LL”


“like ur sound B S!!!...”

cole toury - IMRadio

“I listened to your music, and I thought it was great! Thanks for being my fan .... and now, I'm your fan!”


“Hey guyz I heard a lil bita ur soundz & from wat I did hear I liked!! ”

Jig E Pooh - MySpace

“Sounding great here! Looking forward to featuring your band!!!Diggin' on Unspoken (Killer guitar and overall great feeling and cool vocals),”

DestinationDawn - Reverbnation

“Great music and influenses. Greetings from the North Eest... ”

Douglas Solano - MySpace

“Hey, great videos, and songs..I like "The look in her eyes" ”

Ed - This is Creppy--yuku.com

“Hello beautiful music compliments. Greetings from ITALY.”

Christian - MySpace

“pure & autentic sound!!”

Lou Levy - Reverbnation

“i liked feel the fire the most.”

Mike--Thor's Revenge - Reverbnation

“wow song has alot of energy (Beleive)”

Jon Luther - imrADIO

“very good song it has a unique sound (Insight)”

Jsloan - IMRadio

"Feel The Fire" ROCKS!!! King Dexter

King Dexter - The Friends Lounge on Yuku.com

“...."Life On the Highway" is my fav”

Paul Pritchard - Reverbnation

“Great guitar riffs, they have KILLER edge !!!”

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"Unspoken"...cool tune

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“I like your music, too. Hypnotic, and packed with melody!!”

Loren Dircks - Reverbnation

"Unspoken." Great Serious Rockin' Track. Paul, your fan from Future Now.

Davies Dawn - IM Radio

“Man I too love the "garage Band" feel of your tunes...you guys are tight, I bet you have a BLAST playin' together! Carry ON ! Martin- The Idjit Savant”

Idjit Savant - IM Radio


Bertha Nogales - MySpace

“You guys have hella talent! I think Unspoken is now my fav song of yours!!!!!”

Becca Morlen - MySpace

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“...."Life On the Highway" is my fav.all the best Paul Pritchard”

Paul Pritchard - Reverbnation

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