Barefoot Fred / Press

“It was a good feeling having the Abbey more packed for this huge showcase of local talent. Fred leaped into their set and I could tell why these guys had a strong draw-- they were damn good. They had a straight-up, pure jamband sensibility about them that I really enjoyed. Ryan Budyak and Ryan Stevens particularly impressed me with consistently locked-in guitar interaction. These guys had a few moments of sneaky rage but overall had a very benevolent & easygoing attitude. For my first experience, these guys were a lot of fun. If the contest ended right there I would have had no problem voting for them. They played a solid show all around.”

“That someone up in the sky also offered a helping hand when the band was traveling back from a gig in southern Illinois. Their trailer unhitched and sped past their van in the middle of a four-lane highway. Yet, they avoided an accident, and their gear was totally fine due to “Tetris-like packing.” “A man who witnessed the entire event got out to help, and promptly informed me to go buy a lottery ticket as I may be the luckiest man he has even met,” LaVigne said. Now, the band gets to warm up Phish phans (or phriends or phamily), some of the most die-hard fans in the world of music. LaVigne says Barefoot Fred will play mostly original tunes from its own fusion of funk, jazz, reggae and rock, but plans to drop in a couple surprise covers. ”