“Barakka's The Philadelphia Inquirer debut! ”

“Barakka's KickStarter Project: Funfeed.com introducing the band Barakka and their first video KickStarter project”

“Flying Kite media's super show announcement :Middle East Meets West : Barakka & West Philly Orchestra together!!”

“Philadelphia City Paper introducing Barakka and Mary Armstrong's interview with band's keyboardist Bill Tayoun”

“Barakka's Turkish-American TV performance in Virginia ! Turkish- American TV introducing the Turkish FOlk Rock Band Barakka, based in Philadelphia PA”

“Turkish web news zamanamerika's journalist Arzu Kaya Uranli's interview with Baris Kaya by Barakka”

“Philadelphia City Paper writer Mary Armstrong wrote Barakka's story”

“First interview with the band in Turkish (Rock web-zine). Baris, Bill and Roger answered some questions. (Of course Bill and Roger answered in English”

“Barakka's first appearance to the best Turkish Rock Magazine : Deli Kasap's (means Crazy Butcher) news. The author Atlantisten Gelen Adam (The man who came from Atlantis) introducing the band, how did they meet in Philly and how they became a band. He also talks about the band's first demo including Megadeth's ex drummer Nick Menza. He says this band could bring peace to people who from Middle East, who has a similar cultural background.”

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