Duke Bantu Hali / Press

“Duke Bantu Mseleku and his Bantu Dub Jazz Project will perform at world music venue, The Shrine in Harlem, on August 15, 2009.”

“MUSIC: GMJ Groove, Bantu Dub Jazz Project, Village Drums of Freedom Local entertainment professionals Trish Szymanski, Neva Wartell and Nick Ciavatta are collaborating to present a live jazz showcase of three Jersey City-based bands. All of the bandleaders, and some of the other musicians, live in Uptown Jersey City neighborhoods. The bands in this showcase are GMJ Groove, a jazz-rock fusion trio; Bantu Dub Jazz Project, an African-inspired and led jazz ensemble; and Village Drums of Freedom � Drum Jazz, a Jamaican-led jazz and percussion group that in 2009 celebrated its 40th anniversary as a Caribbean music powerhouse. Free. Show begins around 8:30 or 9 pm. A JC Fridays event. Friday, 03 June, 2011”