BANTER / Press

“Banter produces a sound that says "All the squares go home." ("Springtime in February" is) one of the finer songs to come our way in quite a spell.. This tune should be the theme song of Central Square, de facto capital of the Boston music scene now that The Rat has bitten the dust ... ”

Butch & Brenda - The Noise - Rock Around Boston

“Come in walking, leave looking for rails to help you stand... trying to come up with categories for music hardly matters when it's all good. Just don't try explaining it to the folks at work the next day”

Shred - WBCN-FM, Boston

“BANTER has been rocking the Northeastern United States with a vengeance since 1996, when founding members Dan Sheehan and Joe Smith met and began laying down the foundation of what has been, by Boston standards, an enduring rock legacy.”

Metronome magazine

“I saw you play the other night and you were fantastic!”

Tim Burton, Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Earl Chalmers Live (TV)

“This hard rock quartet takes simple progressions and pumps them up with muscle on their debut CD, Urban Pastures. Loud and in-your-face, Banter's energy and enthusiasm are well chronicled on anthems like "Open Wide," "Lowered" and "Farewell."”

Metronome magazine

“Just wanted you to know that your new CD rocks so hard that I totaled my '96 Bonneville SSEi last Monday with Urban Pastures in the CD player. The good news is that no one was hurt. The CD SOUNDS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!”

email from a fan in Phila., PA