BANN / Press

“The players who make up BANN have a wealth of talent and experience and it all comes together to make As You Like a fascinatingly eclectic mix of tunes. The musicianship is never less than excellent and the combination of styles is beautifully achieved.”

“Rarely do I hear an album, this early in the year, that makes me want to declare it a possible candidate for one of the year’s best. It is simply too early to make that kind of statement, but the new BANN release “As You Like” may very well deserve this accolade.”

“The album is like a perfect morning coffee; an unexpected roast soothing with familiar flavors.”

“BANN is something of a jazz supergroup, the band name being taken from the initials of the surnames of the four musicians involved. Seamus Blake (saxophones), Jay Anderson (bass), Oz Noy (guitar) and Adam Nussbaum (drums) are all well known and respected figures on the international jazz scene.”

“The solos are rich with ideas and there's a strong sense that these 4 musicians are friends. They're playing together; not just "playing" their instruments, but having fun with music.”

“Noy is a guitar wizard who sets his instrument shimmering, shrieking and stuttering with an arsenal of effects”

“As You Like melds a fascinating blend of bop and post-bop jazz, rock, blues and country which gives all four members of the quartet a chance to shine.”

“BANN is a powerful and effective communicator of a modern and exciting form of jazz that is entertaining, fresh, approachable and creative. I hope they stay together long enough to create some more great music.”

“BANN's music is fun to kick back to, doesn't ask a lot but delivers with good grooves and fine solos. There are times when that's exactly what a listener needs.”

“Inhabits rustic warmth, modern edge, classy compositions, risky creative flow; everything sculpted with experienced trusting hands.”