Bankrupt Pug / Press

"Next came the fairly unorthodox "Bankrupt Pug". I'll openly admit I'm not a huge fan of their music but I will admit however, I rather enjoy their bizzare use of effects, strange stage antics and their ability to get the crowd involved. At one point, placing their instruments towards the amplifiers causing feedback and controlling that feedback with delay pedals to make these high pitched, swirling noises that made me feel like I was falling through a wormhole, all whilst Mitchell (Singer/Bassist) stood at the front of the stage casually eating a banana... All of a sudden, Robot dogs! Everywhere! Wandering around the room whilst the band continued with their set! Surreal... Now that I think about it, that word pretty much sums up Bankrupt Pug for me... Surreal. Their set eventually ended with a conga line which was then interrupted by a mosh pit. Again... Surreal!"