Bang, You're Dead / Press

“In this musical post I would like to introduce to you one of my favorite music submissions to Zatoon Blog,The music group called Bang, You’re Dead. This great soul electro duo is made up of hip-hop/dubstep DJ and producer Quickie Mart and piano-playing singer/songwriter Jes Hudak. This group is fire! I should say fire to my soul with this track called Alive. Check it out!”

“DJ/producer Quickie Mart and singer/songwriter/musician Jes Hudak (together known as Bang You’re Dead) love the comforts of Los Angeles but, when they’re itching to get away form it all, there’s nowhere to go but Arizona. On their first Booth feature and latest promo single, Quickie Mart’s bluesy production bangs in the back as his crewmate pays tribute to the unique charms of the Grand Canyon State.”

“DJ Quickie Mart and Jes Hudak have teamed up to form side-project Bang, You’re Dead. “Alive” was performed in Los Angeles, and shot by Michael Stine. Be on the lookout for Space Monkey Radio EP, available December 7th on Beatport!”

“Quickie Mart and Jes Hudak want to call themselves Bang You’re Dead? Cool, we’ll let them be. They want to do a song called “Arizona” that may bring attention to some of the peculiar things going on in some parts of the state? Let’s do this. Dez Hope wants to take part in their journey? I show support.”

“DJ/producer Quickie Mart and singer/songwriter/musician Jes Hudak together form Bang You’re Dead, presenting the music video for “Alive”, shot by Michael Stine...Thanks James for putting me on to this group, really dope sound and music.”