Band of Outsiders / Press

"A vibrant, multi-hued delight... It'll be hard for anything else this year to top this modern American beauty." ~ Kris Needs, Shindig! (March 2014, Issue #37)

"There's a 'hypnotic' laid back feel to 'Sound Beach Time' drawing the listener into the songs and taking them along with it. There is no choice, just surrender... everything good about the band has got better with time..." ~ Heyday (March 27, 2014)

“amazingly good... they're even better now than they were at the peak of their popularity almost thirty years ago. The twin guitars of Jim McCarthy and Marc Jeffrey jangled and clanged and intertwined with a psychedelic chemistry akin to Richard Lloyd and Tom Verlaine in Television, a band they get compared to a lot and deservedly so. Mixing up older songs with new ones from their excellent new Sound Beach Quartet mini-album, they evoked other great guitar bands from years past: the artsy catchiness of the Church; the menacing improvisational stomp of True West; the hypnotic but hooky jangle of the Feelies, and then closed with a rampaging, uncharacteristically loose cover of Shakin' All Over. But the best songs of the night were the new ones. McCarthy sang the bittersweet, Grateful Dead-tinged Gods of Happenstance as Jeffrey hit his envelope pedal for some terse Jerry Garcia textures; Jeffrey took over vocals on the backbeat-driven, unexpectedly crescendoing One Life Is Not Enough.”

“Band of Outsiders’ New Mini-Album Could Be Their Best Yet... Short and sweet as this is, it’s a fair approximation of Band of Outsiders’ intense, crescendoing live show – and one of the best rock albums of 2012."”