Isla / Press

“Isla are made up of three rather extraordinary young ladies. Not only are they beautiful and hugely talented but they are also three of the nicest people you could ever wish to meet...The members of Isla are also all sisters with wide and varied tastes in music, from Debussy to Beyonce, from Florence + The Machine to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. They also play all their own instruments and probably some of yours too if you have anything to hand. Collectively they can play, the piano, trumpet, whistles, drums, tuned percussion and the saxophone and the clarinet.”

“'Constellations proves that there is room on the music world for a three piece with joyous melodies, delicate harmonies and an inescapable charm...Imagine the sound created should The Corrs team up to record a collaboration with Ellie Goulding and you are only half way to understanding the exciting new sound that is Isla. There is a touch of everything in this release, from the soul-tinged vocals of 'Run For You' to the country-esque melodies on final track 'Defences', Constellations is an EP that rewrites the Indie genre and reforms it into a pure, angelic, bittersweet niche.'”

“Tonight’s gig is an absolute triumph, if you have a chance to see this sister act. My advice is to grab that chance with both hands. They are wonderful to watch, their gumption and smiles could be the future of girl power plus they have songs you’ll be whistling on the night bus home.”