Band In A Wardrobe / Press

"I love the experimental acoustic stage of your music, very creative and holding a good vibe, I love what your doing it's awesome !"

Trapped in the 70's

"Love the style... kind of grunge meets the 60's. Excellent songwriting and performances.."

Dry Martinez

".. From the very first note of "Rising Tide" I knew I was going to love your music!!! Perfect!"

Marek Starx

"I listened to one, then just like a Lay's potato chip, I couldn't listen to just one!"

The Basement Tapes with Nick & Bootsy

"Band in a Wardrobe is musical genius"

Heather-Jane (strobegirl)

“Friggin Love You Guys !! Trippin Groovin and Movin !! Rising Tide, Violet Hue... Brilliant work !”

Chad Loch

“Take it for free has a really cool bassline. Keep up the good work. Your Originality puts you high on my list! Waving a big hand from Central Oregon, USA.”

The Lookouts

“rising tide was very enjoyable, it's so mysterious...hard to describe how it sounds and how it made me feel. keep the alternative movement alive! love what you're doing! the song is madness! i don't know if that's the intention of the song ...but it's beautiful madness!”

Nick 23-17

“Band in a Wardrobe, you effing rule! I love the groove in songs like Take it for Free and If They Could Read Our Minds, as well as the textures of guitar parts.”

Emily Pakes

“Great stuff PLAY ALL is REQUIRED HERE VERY COOL FROM IRELAND! Listening loud and proud in Vancouver! That Gunshot was music >=====~ or your Band takin off!”

Joe Williams

“Violet Hue has a cool percussive feel that sorta makes you wonder what you could do to........:-)))”

Andrew Austin

“Very cool and very unique! Loved Violet Hue, listening to Rising Tide now. Your music has an honesty and purity that no amount of production can duplicate.”

Zeus Rooster

“really diggin the rawness and looseness of your sound..got a very free, jazzy style, sort of reminds me of Tom Waits and acoustic trip-hop at times..my favourite is "rising tide" especially when all the voice combine together, and diggin those chord movements too..very cool tuneage!”

Mike White Presents

“Love Rising Tide!!! Like Jack White meets Blue Oyster Cult and they go shopping for bedroom furniture. If you don't believe us click plaY :D”


"Amazing, truly amazing, first i get tea and biscuits, then a cigarette to finish me off "

Some Guy - The Daily Rag