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“B&B Jazz Company, lead by multi-instrumentalist Skip Bauchman and featuring the incomparable veteran saxman Rodney Taylor perfectly typifies the joys of independent music making. Bauchman—an inventive guitarist, producer and drummer—pushes the envelope and jumps all over the map in a cool, high energy way that is in line with the most creative and progressive jazz fusion artists. It’s refreshing to put on a CD, think it’s going to be all about one thing, until the next cut takes you someplace completely different sonically and the next is even more exotic. Drawing from blues, R&B, jazz, rock, Brazilian and the chill-electronica world, among others Bauchman and the B&B Jazz Company make the kind of album adventurous jazz fans dream of when they’re thinking about a world free of arbitrary parameters. Universal Vibe is truly a revelation, and one of the best indie jazz projects of the year.”

Jonathan Widran - Jonathan Widran

“If you’re ready for something smooth and funky with a jazz attitude, then SOUL MENU ON BACK is definitely for you. B&B Jazz Company, a kickin’ Southern California band, knows how to lay it down, with a sound that they describe as "the Crusaders meet Tower of Power after lunch with Bootsy Collins." It’s got soul and great musicianship with all original tunes from leader, guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Skip Bauchman and horn man Henry Battle. The keyboard solos come from the amazing Edell Shepherd. Together, B&B Jazz Company is a formidable trio of incredibly talented and vibrant musicians who have created a unique sound. As they put it, "Our individual credits range from Barry White to Johnny "Guitar" Watson. Good, bad, or ugly, you won’t find anything that sounds like us." I say, you can describe this music any way you want, but the bottom line is you’re gonna dig this stuff. This CD is a kick in the butt, and definitely leaves me wanting to hear more from B&B Jazz Company.”

Scott O'Brien - Smoothjazz.com