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“Band66 'Don't walk on By' Campaign. Soon to be re-released track Martin with all proceeds from physical sales and downloads going to noteworthy Irish charity Simon to help homeless people who sadly due to their situation in life cant help themselves Don't walk on by this Christmas, donate and support to in our venture. Details of release date to be announced this week.”

“Band66 delighted to receive the following review from MRU for the EP 'Tribal Dance' http://musicreviewunsigned.com/2013/07/26/band-66-tribal-dance-ep-review/ ”

“Check out our Facebook Page at http://www.facebook.com/band66 and catch up details of our newly released EP Tribal Dance, check the EP out at http://www.soundwrx.net/tribal_dance.html”

“Our latest release, 'PRIEST", a poignant and emotional song based on the controversial subject of child abuse in the Catholic Church is currently available for free download to all our reverbnation fans at http://www.reverbnation.com/band66”

“Band66 are delighted to announce the signing of a record deal with Near Records on 5th June 2012.”

“Tune in to the Carol Dooley Show on Radio Nova at 6pm Sunday 6th May 2012 to listen to a live interview with Band66 and listen to some of our new material in a live accoustic set. This material will feature in our forthcoming album”

“Band66 completed recording of our latest track 'Priest' yesterday at Ashtown Recording Studios Dublin and wish to express our thanks to our Producer Tommy Sullivan for his immense contribution. Priest is a song based on the child victims of abuse by the Catholic Church in Ireland, it is both a poignant and a controversial song. This song is available for purchase through our reverbstore on our band page http://www.facebook.com/band66 and can also be listened to at http://soundcloud.com/bandsixtysixireland/priest/s-b9eVg.”

“It is with great pleasure that we will play an accoustic set live on Radio Nova on the Carol Dooley Show on 1st April followed up by Workmans Club, Dublin gig on 2nd April. And we can also confirm that we will start recording our new single 'Rainbows' in Grouse Lodge Studios mid March.”

“Band 66 debut EP 'USB' released December 2011 featuring the debut single 'Planet Earth' and others Official launch of USB tour and this EP will take place on 2nd April 2012 in the Workmans Club on Wellington Quay Dublin Tickets can be ordered from this page or paid for directly at door”

Band66 - USB Tour