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“This [ONLY ONE OCEAN] is a 'crabulous' CD — I commute 45 minutes each morning and evening, and I’m loving singing along to the great songs. Can’t wait to use it with teachers in an upcoming workshop. Gotta love those Banana Slugs!!!”

“Only One Ocean [features] a who’s who of musical prodigies—Victor Wooten of Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Michael Doucet of BeauSoleil, George Winston, Zack Gill from ALO, and Tim Carbone from Railroad Earth…”

“They may, in fact, be the only pop group in the world that uses terms like ‘alluvial fans’ in their lyrics.”

“the premiere eco-band in the country … when a CD comes along that helps our children learn some positive aspects about life, I want to share the good news. ...[M]usic is a powerful learning tool. Take this CD and do your part in helping to raise the next green generation. ”

“I don’t often promote products on the blog, but I encourage any science educators to check out this album [ONLY ONE OCEAN]. I also encourage any readers who know science educators to send this information to them.”

“And while their lyrics may be for kids, the music is definitely written by rockers-turned-parents tired of looping “Itsy Bitsy Spider” in the minivan; the title track on the band’s 2010 release Only One Ocean sounds like it belongs on a Guns n’ Roses album.”

“The new album [ONLY ONE OCEAN] is filled with reggae, aloha jams, rock and some mad slack-key guitar riffs.”

“REVIEW FROM HIGH SIERRA MUSIC FESTIVAL ... the Banana Slug String Band, the absolute be-all end-all for itty-bitty Northern Cali music fans. The group plays a kid's version of the Grateful Dead shows that they spent their own younger days following. Their songs touched on such epic themes as getting to know your watershed and the astonishing physical strength of certain insect communities, and I'll tell you what, on day four of partying balls there's nothing quite like jumping into a congo line of festival rugrats while you all pound the air shouting “ants!” to make you never want to leave the Kidzone stage.... Super score.”

“MONTEREY JAZZ FEST - [T]he Banana Slug String Band[‘s]… song about decomposition—that's right, rot. Or more to the point, the process by which dirt is made. Soon the entire audience is hidden by a waving, snapping mess of arms—their movements a rhythmic simulation of organic decay. … Plenty of tykes are on hand, but more than a few adults have joined the party too. … it's hard to leave the silly Banana Slugs, even if they are singing about rot”

“The award-winning Banana Slug String Band ("Airy" Larry, "Solar" Steve, "Marine" Mark and Doug "Dirt") presents a celebration of all things water…. Performing in a variety of musical styles—country, rock, jazz, calypso, blues, and soft shoe—the band and guest musicians excel in presenting their environmental message with enthusiastic vocals and excellent musicianship …. An equally superb youth choir joins in on these ten bright and bouncy songs…. This outstanding album features catchy tunes that teach youngsters about the importance of a healthy environment, and teachers and librarians can use it to enhance the curriculum or for story times.”

Beverly Bixler - School Library Journal (Starred Review)

“Eco-music group Banana Slug String Band tackles water ecology in 10 smart, focused songs. ...an enlightening, heartfelt, and often lyrical celebration of water. (Review of WE All Live Downstream CD)”

Paul Shackman - Book List

“SOLAR STEVE WINS GREEN CAMPING AWARD We were excited to award the Grand Prize to Steve Van Zandt and the Banana Slug String Band for their campsite .... The winning campsite had recycling and compost receptacles, solar powered lights, a solar shower, as well as creative and festive decorations. The Banana Slug String Band is based in Santa Cruz and is comprised of musicians and educators that bring science and conservation to audiences using music, humor and imagination. The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics is an educational, nonprofit organization dedicated to the responsible enjoyment and active stewardship of the outdoors by all people, worldwide ”

“Kids will love it because it’s so much fun, and parents will love it because it delivers a great message about Mother Earth.””

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