Baluja / Press

“I am addicted to your music ! BeSt ! ”

“dude, "bus of broken dreams" is a great song... period... any genre... singer/songwriter is just what you are, my friend... if dylan could still sing, i could see him doing this one... i'll be back... you've got a fan! ”

"Bus of Broken Dreams" is fantastic! A spellbinding song. Bravo, Baluja!

“Man, The Good Life is a terrific song. I love the tone and timbre of your voice. ”

“Fantastic song writing and vocal execution. Definitely my Reverb 'find of the week'! ”

“Personally, after listening to Cone of Uncertainty numerous times, the evaluation of the artist I once knew nothing about is now extremely impressionable. I suggest you have a listen! ”

IMR Magazine

“Tampa's music innovator...”

“A colorful blend of computer generated grooves set to thought provoking lyrics that remind us all of the common thread from which are lives are woven.”

Indie News

“We also get some non-scene-dwelling artists who haven’t attracted a huge buzz yet, such as the inspirational rock of Baluja.”

Julie Garisto - St Pete Times/Tampa Bay Times