Balthazar B & The Beatitudes / Press

“Balthazar B and The Beatitudes might be the most intriguing band of three boys I've come across to date. Neuroscientist, animation artist, and a mysterious character known only by the inital B...I'm just going to come right out and admit that talking to the three of them together would probably be one of the most interesting conversations on this earth. Not only that, but they're European and all three totally smokin' - which to American girls is like saying they're made of candy.”

“Ever thought you'd hear what's more or less a companion song to Dylan's Mozambique? Thanks to Balthazar B And The Beatitudes you can now.”

“Influences range from the classic (Dylan, Van Morrison) to the contemporary (Conor Oberst, M. Ward and even Stephen Malkmus), but the final blend of pastoral, lo-fi, storytelling folk is entirely their own.”

“Music that makes us think and not passively listen is always commendable, and this collective are a studied example of that”