BagoStones / Press

“Great track. Loving voices and guitar work. Congrats!”

Tony Abellan - Website Visitor


SSSIXXX - ReverbNation (Artist)

"a psychedelic experience" absolutely the Blues - progressively created...

BagoStones - TheOtherSide

“A little Sabbath, a little Floyd.... a lot great. Truly mesmerizing work!”

Professor P-Scoop - Reverbnation (Artist)

"cool and different...lovin these tracks! great ambiance, killer guitar and vocals"

Mile25 - ReverbNation (Artist)

“There is no mistake that this is the best unheard band anywhere! Awesome Sounds!!”

ManFromTheOtherSide - ReverbNation (Support Group)

"Great work from a great band a must listen!"

The Rod Giles Band - ReverbNation (Artist)

"WhereIUse2B is progressive at its finest. A bit of a Pink Floyd feel yet new and creative."

Damn Hippies - ReverbNation (Artist)

“AnthonyGelfo is the most amazing drummer I have seen live. Have never heard nor seen anyone slap the brushes the way he does. Truly Incredible! What he accomplishes on the track AcrossTheSky is a true percussion masterpiece! Freaking genius of the skins! WOW....”

BuzzArt - BuzzArt (OnlineIndyMusicSource)

"Loved the flowing leads and melody of When Darkness Falls. This one goes straight onto my playlist!"

Joe Sneekers - ReverbNation (Artist)

“Hot Metal Blues Lead Guitar with guitar progressions captured from the heart & soul! Totally works!”

ManFromTheOtherSide - (SupportGroup)

"I dig what you guys are doing here! Darkness Falls seems like a modern take on a classic sound, and WhereIUse2B is enchanting, Luv the David Gilmour style guitar licks!"

Alex Sabatino - ReverbNation (Artist)

"Wow....for a second I though I was listening to "Dark Side of the Moon"! Very cool sound you have here....excellent guitar and vocals. Great tunes!"

The Professor & Naomi Kay - ReverbNation (Artist)

"Awesome Rockin!"

Stand Volume - ReverbNation (Artist)

"We salute all our awesome family of fans for all your love & support! THANK YOU!"

BagoStones - (The Band)

"Awesome music, melodies and ambience which remind me, over all the vocals, on old Pink Floyd. Great lead guitar..get lost in your sounds...."

JMOYA - ReverbNation (Artist)

"Where I Use2B proves you folks are masters at prog. rock majesty. This is a brilliant song, delivered with a stunning arrangement"

Sills & Smith - ReverbNation (Artist)

“BagoStones is uniquely beyond anything else out there! Oldschool but yet Alternative! Progressive down to the core! Totally different! Totally BagoStones!”

ManFromTheOtherSide - (SupportGroup)

"Atmospheric, moody - these sounds are timeless!"

Markke - ReverbNation (Artist)

"Awesome! Brilliant! Lovely! Fabulous! Superb! 5 STARS!!!

Helder Rock a.k.a. The Misfit - ReverbNation (Artist)

"nothing more satisfying than a toke from my bag of stones as the day comes to an end - awesome stuff guys - this is the king of buzz"

ManFromTheOtherSide - (Support Group)

"Great music! Love the atmosphere in all your tracks! Awesome guitar work! Wish you lots of success!"

Hitherside - ReverbNation (Artist)

"Killa Guitar Picking Man!"

Tommy Cole - ReverbNation (Artist)

“Grab the munchies and settle back on the couch before you hit the play button! Instant~Zombie~Mode”

BuzzArt (New Indie Online Publication)

"BagoStones shed the normal constraints of physical and moral structures to navigate beyond. It is really not easy to describe but it is a pleasure to listen to."

Sun City Blues Band - ReverbNation (Artist)

"wicked, tight playing and soaring, scorching guitar work on these tracks..can really hear the Floyd influence..particularly on the doubletrack vocals of a song like "whereiuse2b"..deep, progressive rock at it's best!"

MikeWhitePresesnts - ReverbNation (Artist)

“It's strange how BagoStones sounds new and classic at the same time! Hot and raw but progressions that you cannot forget.”

BuzzArt (New Indie Online Publication)

"great sound of rockin' beats... amazing musicians, awesome guitar play & great voice... very entertaining & exciting..."

Fatamorgana - ReverbNation (Artist)

“The Most Unique Sound I Have Ever Heard ~ Can't Get Enough Of This Vibe ~ Kinda Like Iommi Floyd Or Pink Sabbath ~ Very Cool!”

ManFromTheOtherSide - (SupportGroup)

"unique progressive sound ~ nice trip!"

pinksideofthemoon - ReverbNation (Artist)

"Original and unique music with a Pink Floyd vibe. The music is interesting, deep and thought provoking. Very well done."

Jean-Pierre Johansson - ReverbNation (Artist)

“Just wait until this music grows up and gets put on CD. It is going to be mindblowing!”

ManFromTheOtherSide - (SupportGroup)

“Ever been deep sea fishing on a charter gig with 50 other people? These songs remind me of that. Hooks every-freaking-where!”

BuzzArt (New Indie Online Publication)