Bad Princess / Press

“According to Bad Princess' ReverbNation site, the band members "share their love of all things rock in any bar, club, festival field, private party, hole in the ground or palace in the sky they are invited to." Good thing the Oasis Cafe in New Paltz counts. The bar hosts Bad Princess and Desolation Angels for this not-your-typical St. Patrick's Day show. Desolation Angels is a six-piece that recently finished a tour with Melvin Seals.”

“423 Productions Presents:Thursday, May 12 at 2:30pm - May 15 at 11:30pm. A benefit for Mama Strawberry's Strangers Helping Strangers New York Group and The Solid Rock Ranch Horse Rescue Mission. Of course, we have our basic crew: DESOLATION ANGELS, FAMILY DAWGS, NY Funk Exchange, Lucid, Bad Princess,The Garcia Project,Seed, House on a Spring, Subsoil, Mosiac Foundation,The Townies.Hannah's Field, Insigniya, LadyDye, Positive Mental Trip, Synwave, Whiskey Reverb, Jon of the Shred,and Funk a Fire with Koddi/drums of peace. dank hank and the boys from funkafire will be teaching poi and staff workshops for the kiddies on sat from 12 to 2...............much much more to be announced LIGHTS BY GROOVEN" LUMENS”

423 Productions - The Strawberry Jam

“The Vosilla Sessions, in the unique and colorful town of Tannsville Ny, will be one of the most memorable musical experiences you will ever perceive. More than 16 Bands and Dj's from Plattsburgh to NYC will converge collaborate and coalesce at this beautiful strange old hotel in the mountains.There will be two stages, one by the pool, and one in the in house night club DJ LOGIC,Desolation Angels,Lucid,Bad Princess,The Big Takeover,The Deadbeats,Daddy Long Legs”

Timothy O'Keefe - Magical Unicorn Pool Party with DJ logic and more! March 5th and 6th