Bad Krohma / Press

“I love "Cyan Rain" - a beautiful Prog classic!”

Pasi Koivu ~ Psychedelic Eye - Reverbnation

“Wow! Your music is quite a journey my friends, I love the 70' vibe here. "Jigsaw" is an excelent piece, nice intro, great job on guitars and vocals.”

Andre Henriquez - Reverbnation

“Very cool music. lots of twists and turns. I like it!”

Troubled Spirit - Reverbnation

“Cool progressive mate. Kinda feel modern Deep Purple & The Doors. Awesome ! Cheers from Indonesia !”

Lunarian - Reverbnation

“Against the grain, Zag instead of Zig, Taking the path less travelled, all risks that have paid off for your CrEaTiViTy!! Very nice!!”

Max-Metal Radio - Reverbnation

“Great stuff. Very original sound.”

Ignite Violet - Reverbnation