The Badda Skat Band / Press

“Truly concerned about social and community issues, Badda Skat describes in both a comical and compassionate way the ills of society and mother earth through his Jamaican spoken word and rap. Funky, swinging beats accompany his smooth, rhythmical voice, filling each song with profound and meaningful messages full of inspirational spirituality and concerned loving kindness.”

“The St. Pete performer also known as Aaron Ugosmith may be a 29-year-old white man with no Jamaican bloodlines, but geography and heredity didn’t get in the way of him becoming a Rastafarian and dreadlocked reggae artist. Born and raised in Tampa, Badda Skat performs socially conscious reggae tunes that pulsate with a hypnotic dub backbeat. He composes his lyrics with a Jamaican patois and performs them with the verbal agility of a Kingston native. These accomplishments have been recognized by local reggae-world beat musicians, and his cred as a Rasta performer hasn’t been called into question. Said Mugabe Tenn of Tribal Style: “Badda Skat’s true to his beliefs and one of the humblest dudes I ever worked with, and I always love to share the stage with him anytime.””

“He has a youthful voice that I think could be honed to create a unique flow to stand out from the current flood of conscious singjays (granted, the fact that he's white makes him stand out somewhat already), something a bit more quirky that shows off his personality…”

“In all honesty ‘Grass Roots’ is nothing short of incredible. Backed by the hugely talented Jah Roots, Badda delivers nothing but positive and uplifting vibes throughout. The collaboration with Jah Roots works incredibly well and it has produced a slice of reggae genius.”