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“After an exhaustive search, we're proud to announce the newest member of the band. Bad Alibi is now: Scott Hollister, Rob Romano, Dan Dobell and introducing out latest four string hero, Sergio Pedro. Sergio has performed throughout the NY area to include local acts, Annie Burns and Spacetrain. His influences include Paul McCartney, John Entwistle and John Paul Jones. A stickler for a smooth tone, he prefers his Rickenbacker 4003 bass through an Ampeg SVT 3Pro. Expect to see Sergio out soon as the guys keep rockin' through 2017!”

BA - Bad Alibi is now...

“Bad Alibi returns to the Great NY State Fair bringing the best in classic rock to the Regional Artist Stage!”

BAD ALIBI - Bad Alibi returns to the NY State Fair!

“Bad Alibi is pleased to announce a guest performer for the next show at "The Haunt". Kenny Romer (Bonfire / Nasty Habit / The Styles Band) will be rockin' the stage as our lead guitarist. Come on out and cheer him on as he stands center stage.”

BA - Lead Guitarist

“Press Release: 2pm / Aug 21st Due to inclement weather and flooding down at Myer's Park, "Music in the Park - Myer's Park, Lansing" has been postponed. We'll let you know as soon as possible concerning our rain date! With more storms on the way, this was a comfort as well as a safety thing. Rick will continue his special weather dancing to bring us good weather for the next show. (It involves nudity, a gopher, a tree stump, a fine bottle of red wine and some yodelling. Don't ask. We didn't.)”

BA - Show Postponed

“As a matter of historic note, August marks the fifth anniversary of "Bad Alibi" as a band. We've had eight permanent members as well as two "associates" who've helped out along the way. At last count, we've peformed over 100+ different songs, gone through 37 bags of Riccola, a few cords of drum sticks, more "G" strings than a strip club, 104 "Percussion Oil" towels, 23 9-Volt batteries, and put a good many miles on the the gear trailer. Cross the fingers for the weather on Thursday and come on down to Myer's Park, Lansing on Thursday night! We'll rock any clouds away!”

BA - Fifth Anniversary

“Bad Alibi gets ready to rock Cayuga Lake - Appearing at "The Haunt" FridayJune 6th, Bad Alibi brings its extensive list of classic rock cover tunes to Central NY's best live venue.”

BA - Bad Alibi at "The Haunt"

“A weekend of classic rock is here to bring in spring season. Bad Alibi will perform two shows the weekend of March 29-30, providing two opportunities for fans to see the band and to dance the night away. The band reminds fans that these are critical times in the Live Music world as more and more venues are either closing their doors or are eliminating live music. Bad Alibi and all live music in the Central NY area need YOU - the fans - to get out and support the music effort.”

BA - Double Weekend

“08/30/13 For Immediate Release: Re: Band Announcement After an exhaustive search lasting over six months, "Bad Alibi" is pleased to announce the arrival of the latest member of the group. Zach Rohrer will assume the role of lead guitar player from Mark Miller who recently departed the Central New York area. Zach brings the same high quality and skillful professionalism that fans and establishment owners have come to expect from Bad Alibi's lead guitar player and adds his own style and flair to his enthusiastic performance. Originally from Vermont, Zach studied at Berklee California before arriving in Ithaca last year. A veteran band musician and solo artist, Zach also works in the local area as a teacher at the Ithaca based, "School of Rock". Additionally, Bad Alibi announces that percussionist, Scott Hollister, is no longer the youngest member of the band, ceeding band "pup" status to Zach. Rick Kline still remains the oldest living bass player in the known universe.”

Bad Alibi - New Member

“After an exhaustive search for a new bass player, Bad Alibi would like to announce the addition of our latest member, Rick Kline on bass guitar. Rick has been involved with the local and regional music scene for years and has previously performed with "The Purple Valley", "The Prophets" and "Li'l Anne & Hot Cayenne", a northeast zydeco band. Rick's smooth playing style, rock steady timing and enthusiasm makes him an outstanding fit with the rest of the BA guys. We're taking an agressive approach to our musical reset and expect to be back on the road as early as mid March. Thanks for all the support from our fans over the last year and we look forward to playing the best in classic rock soon.”

BA - New Band Member

“Promotional Packet for Bad Alibi, Lansing NY based Classic Rock cover band is available on request. For bookings or more information contact: Rob Romano 607-227-3899 Ensoniqdude@yahoo.com or Scott Hollister 607-351-4584 slhollister@aol.com”

Bad Alibi - Bad Alibi Promo Pack Jan 2013