Bad Action / Press

“Suzy Turner Author of the Raven Sagas "Raven" and "December Moon" Interviews Bad Actions Clown This has been a fantastic interview.... thank you so much for taking the time out to come and talk to me! By the way, I love the song A Wonderful Night for a Murder - although the lyrics freak me out! Good luck, guys... I'm sure it won't be long until everybody knows your name: Bad Action”

“Check out the song "It's a wonderful night for murder" by the kickass Alternative Psychological Horror rock band Bad Action who come from Manchester England (click this BadActionmusic to PLEASE follow them on twitter) plus this really banging video was done by the awesomely talented Linda from Slippery When Wet. Also the clown you will see in the vid is called Johnny and is portrayed in Bad Action's music but don't be afraid he only hurts bad boys and girls ;). I think its a great way to end off this blog post hope you enjoy it as much as i do.... Pixie”