Backyard Heroes / Press

“At the beginning a lot of their songs had influence from their experiences with Tim's battle with cancer, especially "My Old Stories," "Chetwood" and "Survive." They have since expanded to pretty much write about whatever they are feeling without forgetting the experiences that have made them the people they are today. They released their first Demo EP the summer of 2011 and for each one sold they donate one dollar to the Keep-A-Breast Foundation in honor of Bobby's Mother's own struggle with breast cancer. They have also appeared on the Stupid Cancer radio show/podcast to discuss our experiences and play a couple of songs in studio.”

“New Jersey acoustic-rock duo Backyard Heroes' music reveals tales of being a kid, love, loss, cancer and survival, as they invite listeners to tag along on their adventure.”

“My problem with acoustic-y music, is that the singer sounds all pretty with angsty lyrics. What Backyard Heroes is doing, is straying away from that 'woe-is-me-im-gonna-go-cry-and-write-a-song-because-im-so-deep-and-sad.' sort of thing. I get a pleasant vibe from them, mellow, and nice...Thumbs up: Meaningful lyrics, pleasing vocals.”

“On a recent Thursday, Backyard Heroes, an acoustic duo from Fanwood, blended tracks from their debut EP with light-hearted covers like the viral hit, "Jack Sparrow," by the Lonely Islands and Michael Bolton.”

“Entertainment and activities are scheduled throughout the night, featuring music from acoustic rock band Backyard Heroes.”