Back Water Creek / Press

“Back Water Creek is the culmination of someone, quite literally, being in the right place at the right time. RJ Macurak (Vocals) was presented an opportunity to pursue a career in music in early 2011. After demoing a few songs on his own, he enlisted the help of Chris Farrar (Rhythm Guitar) to fill out the band roster. The first and only two names that immediately came to mind were those of Albert Harbour (Lead Guitar) and Faris Mekias (Drums). With a near-complete line up, the band began writing and practicing practically non-stop. Towards the end of Summer 2011, the band went into a DIY studio run by a member's friend to hash out a demo and have something small to show for their hard work. After playing a few gigs at dive bars with an incomplete line up, it was discovered that a friend of RJ's played bass. After spending time hanging out and jamming with the band, Lee Ray (Bass) was welcomed in. ”

“From gigging at local dive bars to winning a Battle of the Bands finals, Back Water Creek never ceases to continue opening doors for itself. Set to write a whole batch of new material and enter the studio when the members' time frees up in Summer, 2012 is the year that history will be made. The sky is the limit, and Back Water Creek is going into orbit.”