Back Porch Blues Band / Press

“...this four-piece ensemble puts forth far more energy than their laid-back name suggests. If you enjoy... the sound of a rock-solid Midwestern bar band, you’ll love this one.”

Marty Gunther - Blues Blast Magazine

“...a really solid album from start to finish.”

Paul Bragin - WUEV Radio, Evansville, IN

“...if you aren't moving at least one or two of your limbs, you're probably in a body cast.”

Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro - www.mary4music.com

“…the songs are well written & superbly executed.”

Peggy Nagel - KAFM Radio, Grand Junction, CO

“The music is wicked, played by musicians that have mastered their craft and the lyricism simple and accessible with stories that almost anyone can relate to. Overall this album is a gem and stands up to repeated listens.”

Peter Williams - Sunbury Radio 99.3, Victoria, Australia