Bachar-Chayah / Press

“I have been in the business for more than 50 years and recorded with the best (From Bruce Springsten to Christina Aguilera), let tell you guys there is no sound out there like yours. You have a very beautiful and unique thing going on. You guys keep working hard at it, it will take you somewhere great. Great music, the most unique I have ever heard. Very Spiritual indeed.”

"The Rhythmic Gospel Group Bachar Chayah (Choose Life), plays Sunday while the group performs on stage at Tamarack’s weekly Sunday@Two event. Bachar Chayah interprets the message of life and freedom in musical form unlike any other artist by serving up a very unique menu of rhythms as diverse as its members are."

“JJ does it again Awesome mix of talent..... drummer is exceptionally talented. Good vocal harmony..... first time I have ever sat for the full set of contemporary music, maybe it was the Jamaican flavors I used to hear from up on Jack's Hill. Breadfruit of Life.”

“This band was AWESOME truly. They have such a great spirit and they really pour out Gods love and ministry in the crowd. They write and assemble all the songs and lyrics they do not play cover songs so when you hear them they are surely different but in a very great way. When they sing it is a fresh word from God and you come away refreshed singing a new song.”

Heather Massey

““When I go back to Senegal, I miss your music and the worship experience so much””

Pastor Victoria Ajulo - Dakar, Senegal, West Africa

““I love, love, love your music””

Autumn Ford – Hinton, WV

““This music is anointed, I've never heard anything like it before””

Aletha Thomas - Oak Hill, West Virginia

““Your music is like fresh water””

Brian G.-Beckley, West Virginia

““Bachar-Chayah's music is a ministry unto its own””

Pastor Martin Jeffrey - Roanoke, VA