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““nice spoken word””


“Beautiful words and wonderful delivery Baby Poet. Love your great message. russ”

Blue Mountain Mule (Artist) - Reverbnation

"by the way, my hips want to take another round trip"..great collection of love songs performed here...always a pleasure to support folks who put their heart and ideas out there for all of us to enjoy. Great work!!

MikeWhitePresents - -Reverbnation

“On Point Nice Work!!!! ”

Lord Of Spirits - -Reverbnation

“Nice content and easy flow”

Daniel Johnny Johnson Jr. - Reverbnation

“Spectacular Work”

Enoch. Arcane - Reverbnation

“Your Words Are Deep !!! ...”

Unkle Tyme - Reverbnation

“Good feeling, very emotional, thanks for sharing”


“ Great words...love your work! x”

Iain Raeper-Reverbnation

“ i love your words!!!”

Todd Stone-Reverbnation

“ lovin ya essence ma...keep reachin yo...... uno (loonaR)”


“I am diggin what you're doing...keep grindin. Collab ”

The Collab Lab -Reverbnation

“Love Your Work. Cant wait for more”

Hustlin Inc. -Reverbnation

“Loving your spoken word piece Surrendering very very deep you have just made yourself a new fan! God Bless -Apollo the Child ”

Poetic E.R.A.-Reverbnation