Babylon Saints / Press

“Reggae rockers Babylon Saints return with their latest 5-song EP entitled "Chameleon". Their music is always laid back as they get their summer groove going with "Babylon." The Babylon Saints run along the same musical vein as Sublime and The Dirty Heads with the island flavor of "Standing By." The beat of "The Upsetter" is very light and uptempo, before closing the album with the seven-minute guitar-filled rock/reggae of "We Fit Together." The Babylon Saints have a few shows scheduled for the new year out in California. To find out more about this great underground rock band, please visit babylonsaints.com.”

“The singles "Day To Day" and "Burn On" are unstoppable after one listen. The band's reggae/rock beat and catchy chorus takes the listener on a trip to the tropics and leaves them there for the next hour.”

“Babylon Saints are brilliant--a soulful energy force of irresistible rhythms and enticing stories. At a time when the musical landscape has grown dim, Babylon Saints have turned on the creative lights with a suite of brilliant songs that speak to the mind and heart. They are intelligent; they are funky; they are original; they are simple; they are complex; they are saintly in their expression of joy, hope, and musical inspiration.”

"...For as driven as the music is by drums, bass, guitar, keys, melodica and percussion, it's equally propelled, and sometimes tempered and sweetened, by the chiming tones of the pans. Out front or helping hold up the rocking reggae foundation, the sound of steel nonetheless doesn't overwhelm the messages or the sheer groove of songs that blast war, greed and artifice while celebrating the simple pleasures of music, love, unity and the human spirit. It's all top-notch original material apart from a sharp cover of Bob Marley's "Positive Vibration" (there's a hint of "Sun is Shining" in the melodica accents of "Follow" as well), and I'm all for putting this band on the fast track toward canonization. Sometimes it's roots reggae, sometimes it's pop reggae and sometimes it's both or neither, but no matter how you label it, this CD is like the best breath of fresh air you've ever inhaled." -Tom Orr

“Put quite simply, the Babylon Saints and their new self-titled release convey a happiness and strong energy all the way through. After listening to this funky mix of reggae, catchy hooks and soulful chants, you too will feel inspired. Grade: A+”

"Definitely file the Babylon Saints under the music-that-makes-you-feel-good section of your library. It would benefit you to go see them at one of their many upcoming shows"

"it's like if Steel Pulse, the guys from Weather Report, and Men At Work were riding a bike down Sunset Boulevard".

“The Saints are a great favorite at The Press, and are back with their excellent funk, reggae and soul music - great music from some great guys.”

“Babylon Saints Sign with Citation Records...”