Azon Blaze / Press

“When I saw that the title of the latest feature from Azon Blaze was “Gotham,” I was expecting something gritty, dark and crime-riddled in true Batman style. I was wrong. Instead, I was treated to a soulful, boom bap-inspired cut which finds the artist defending hip-hop against the game’s all-too-numerous Jokers and Two-Faces. D.R.U.G.S’ handles production duties, fusing a scratchy vinyl sound with a chiming percussion rhythm. Though the Raleigh native is calm, cool and collected on the mic, he delivers every juicy line with alacrity. Gotham is part of Blaze’s forthcoming Spring Hill Compilation”

“Azon Blaze drops his new jawn “Grow Up” which features his brother W2 & FL (of Foodchain). S/Os 2 NoNDescript (of JMProductions) on the beat!!! Give this track a listen & leave your feedback in the comments section below.”

“A cosign of cosigns! Any one who knows me knows I don’t cosign just any artist, so when I put my word behind new music…in the words of Hov, “believe it.” Azon Blaze is an up-and-coming artist based in the North Carolina area. I’ve been onto his music for awhile now, and it’s dope. He’s got a great flow, and that trademark NC sound that was brought to the forefront by Little Brother, J. Cole, and the like. He’s linked up on this track Defacto Thezpian, another NC artist with bright future. Real smooth sh*t. Listen below, and check out Azon’s website, Twitter, and past projects. Salute!”

“New exclusive music from our guy Azon Blaze with production from our other guy D.R.U.G.S.”

“Ever grabbed a crisp Benjamin, hold it to your nose and took a big whiff? Booth newcomer Azon Blaze has. As the Raleigh, N.C. repper reveals on mixtape single Mullah Mandate, he just can’t get enough of the smell of money. JMProductions man the boards, crafting a dreamy chopped-sample backdrop for Azon’s vivid reflections on the paper chase. Feeling this headphone-ready banger? You don’t have long to wait for more; Azon Blaze’s latest street album, #HoopDreams, is set to arrive on the ‘net today. ”

“Let's pretend North Carolina didn't already give the world one of the most critically acclaimed hip-hop duos of the last decade. Then pretend that Chapel Hill emcees SkyBlew and Azon Blaze—together, the newly formed duo Blaze the Sky—have the task of creating North Carolina's first classic hip-hop LP. At least they have the simpatico chemistry that Little Brother's Phonte and Big Pooh shared on 2003's The Listening.”

“And next up are my mans 'Blaze The Sky', from North Carolina - AzonBlaze and SkyBlew; these are two dudes say their music genre is 'real hiphop' on their facebook fanpage - I was very very skeptical at first, in fact I didn't check their music out for some time, till I saw AzonBlaze's reverbnation account...damn! The first track I heard of 'Blaze The Sky' is 'First Come Back', and just like their profile says about their genre - it was the real shit I call real. Check this guys out, SkyBlew drops his album 'Earth Is Just My Airport' today, check em out on facebook to download previous releases. And look out for Azon's mixtape dropping sometime this month.”

“So, somewhere, somehow, thanks to twitter, this GEM of awesomeness found ME! He needed some portraits to use for promos, etc., and wanted some performance pics too. Here are just a few of the performance pics. Oh, by the way, his name is Azon Blaze, and his buddy is SkyBlew. I HIGHLY recommend checking out their music! They did a mixtape project together called Blaze the Sky, and you can listen and/or download that right here. (I have to admit, since Azon Blaze hit me up out of nowhere, I didn't really know what to expect. I was VERY pleasantly surprised when I checked him out! The same for SkyBlew! They are seriously BURSTING with awesomeness!) Below, check out just a few more performance pics:”

“When I took pics for Azon Blaze a while back, he had his boy SkyBlew with him (and their entire crew--who you'll see later!), so we took some group shots. I LOVE taking big group shots like this, and it's something you don't get to do very often! In fact, I LOVE that they have this huge crew--it's something you don't see a lot nowadays...it's more like the 90s crews! Anyway, here's a few group shots for you to enjoy:”

“I'm going to apologize in advance for the LARGE amount of photos I'm about to post of this awesome guy! If you haven't seen the previous blog posts yet, this is post number 3 on Azon Blaze. THIS is the real reason why he contacted me--for portraits to use for promos, etc. I had never met him before--never heard of him. Usually when I do portraits for someone, I at least know a little bit about them. It's super important for me to capture WHO the person really is, not just some amazing shot that I have posed them in...”

“Based off a true story, SkyBlew and Azon Blaze really shine on this one. This song is definitely personal and emotional and deserves a listen. Even if you’re not a fan, listen to it. It’s damn good. I’d go as far as to say… Decepticon good… - Mega”

“New track from Sky Blew featuring Azon Blaze. I still have no idea where this guy is from, but he's dope.”

“Well, here’s the newest mixtape from the dynamic duo Blaze The Sky. I posted a track of theirs a few days back and this mixtape doesn’t disappoint. If you’ve heard of Sky Blew, you’ll enjoy this mixtape. If you’re a fan of both, you’ll be in for a treat. Download and enjoy. - Mega”

“New track from the Chapel Hill MC featuring Azon Blaze and produced by Da Cypha.”