Ayurveda / Press

“Local Heroes ...art-metal rock band Ayurveda wowed a Friday evening crowd at the Infield Stage (at Grassroots Music Fest 2009)...”

Natasha Li Pickowicz - The Ithaca Times

“One of the more popular local bands was the progressive rock group Ayurveda, whose 6 p.m. set drew a crowd of several hundred. At a festival that features traditional music from blues to Zydeco, the quintet stood out and apart. (Grassroots Music Fest 2009)”

“Ayurveda, "Porkchop" The melodic hard rock band turns mystical guide in this haunting and head-banging track of their debut, "Being."”

Maxine Shen - New York Post

“Both aggressive and melodic, Ayurveda crosses gulfs from primal to spiritual, essence to entity.”

Dave Edick - Binghamton Press & Sun Bulletin

"I have only had one musical experience that got me feeling the way I did last Saturday. That was seeing TOOL a few years ago, while they were touring for Lateralus. In some ways this was even better because it was in such a small venue."

Steve from Lyon, NY - Fan

“...Metal and other hard rock fans will love "Being's" boisterous melodies and head-banging guitar solos, but where Ayurveda may succeed is appealling to a wider socially-conscious audience tired of messages spread through sappy, emotional ballads.”

MacKenzie Ryan - The Ithaca Times - "A Solid Being"

“...Ayurveda have molded their sound into an eclectic palette of world consciousness stewed with fiercely intense, nearly riotous performances. ”

Chris Castro - The Acquarian - "Universal Mind - Ayurveda"

“Initially skeptical for genre reasons, I was blown away by a live show earlier this month at Castaways. These boys are primed for prime time.”

Luke Z. Fenchel - The Ithaca Times