Aylin Eser / Press

“Pure listening pleasure”

“I gave Aylin Eser's music a listen and I was blown away. I lie to you not.”

“Incredibly impressive!”

“There needs to be another James Bond movie made just for THIS Track ("Arrows of Desire")! Blows all the others out of the water!”

“When we found Aylin Eser, someone we think is new, an artist trying something different, producing a superb outcome we want to tell everyone about it.”

"The combination of Aylin and Will is pure genius!"

"Aylin gives us what is missing from nearly every female artist on mainstream radio today... originality."

“Aylin Eser knocked the ball out the park. I was hooked for sure.”

"Aylin Eser stands out from the crowd"

“Download Aylin Eser's new EP, 'Arrows of Desire,' from iTunes today. My ears are glad that I did... yours will too!”

“Somewhere between Sara Bareilles & Rumer”

“[Will's] use of real instruments, the arrangement, Aylin’s voice, it all comes together! It’s just THAT smooth!”

“I don't think there's a lyric around that wouldn't benefit from being sung by Aylin Eser.”

“I can honestly see Aylin singing a bunch of stuff for movies and TV.”

“Ridiculously catchy, melodic pop”

“The title track [of the EP], 'Arrows of Desire' could be a Bond movie theme!”

"It's easy to be a pretty face & let someone work their magic behind the scenes to make the voice match the look. Not the case here."

“A voice & talent like Nina Simone & Joss Stone”