Ayelet Rose Gottlieb / Press

“As a composer - Ayelet Rose likes touching on the Avant-garde but also to combine it with classical and traditional approaches. These transitions between the old and new are fascinating and surprising. ”

“The elegance in this music is juxtaposed against the rawness of its sensuality”

“a commanding vocalist”

“Ayelet Rose is a great composer. In Ayelet Rose's music you can hear eastern scales, klezmer bits, jazz and Israeli pop, all dipped in her smile and attentiveness. ”

"Vocalist Ayelet Rose Gottlieb is stunning with her versatility and uses her rich voice to gain equal membership in the band. [...] Original Hebrew and Aramaic lyrics are sung in Gottlieb's Israeli-accented vocal style, reminiscent of Ella Fitzgerald and Ute Lemperer"

“Israeli jazz seductress from John Zorn’s Tzadik label. [...] her voice and compositions, which set everything from Israeli poets to Martin Luther King Jr. to music, are transformative. ”

“After a hundred years, is it still possible to say something new in jazz? Gottlieb demonstrates powerfully that there is. Harmonically intricate compositions weave cords of melody out of voice, saxophone and trumpet [...] beautiful, and sometimes jarring music.”