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Unlike the handful of musicians and other famous Hip-Hop artistes in Ghana, WA like M.anifest, EL, Stargo, Skarey Haatzvillez, King Vuvu & Stays Da Whyce, etc, Ayatollah Species is one among the best to ever rock the Mic in Afrika. Born and bred up in and on the streets of Accra-Ghana, WA. 2008 High School Awarded Rapper and successor of the 2131 Entertainment's undeniable Gemini and the proclaimed Ali Recognize from the Greenfield duo. Countless years of disciplined practice, sacrifice, determination and self confidence has transformed the novice into a legendary and a bonafide emcee. A mogul as he is and with nearly 10years under his belt, the emcee Ayatollah Species consistently proves why he deserves to be amongst the best emcees through kicking live freestyles, competing at rhyme battles, recording mix tapes, singles and jumping left, middle and right on guest verses. Amongst his peeps and fans, he's known for his clever wordplay and rhyme scheme. He always comes with a profound style and flow that's always on point. An emcee with a proper footing in the rap game. He's absolutely with no doubt when it comes to rap and lyricism. He's the whole package and what Hip-Hop's really been missing. Maybe you haven't heard of him yet but his uploaded online soundtracks could tell of his lyrical competences and abilities if checked out. Now based at Milan, Italy where the prolific Hip-hop artiste everyday works on his skill like every other emcee or musician does.

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Ayatollah Species
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