Axis of Symmetry / Press

"Chip Roberts' scream pierces the fabric of reality."

Joseph Brockman - The Western Front

"The guitar work is like Steve Stevens meets Vinnie Vincent while in a dark alley being chased by a Bladerunner."

Shecky Poon - The Vinnie Vincent Fan Forum

"Everything is so well done that you never would’ve guessed it’s done by a couple of 17-18 year old guys. The musicianship is stellar, and the songwriting is, dare I say it, out of this world, especially given that only two people were involved in the writing and recording process. I give this album two thumbs up and a high recommend. Perception is Reality is a must-have for any fans of heavy metal, progressive rock, and 80’s music."

Bain - The Mighty Baincast

"This album tells an epic story of love, betrayal, and sorrow. The music and lyrics will bring you to your knees. All the verses are filled with subtle hints of the story while the music is filled with layers of skill."

William H. Taingy - Knots Landing Tribune