Axe Man's Bridge / Press

“Really great hard rock band with that old yet modern sound full of heavy highs and lows which span across several different rock genres. Reminds us of Disturbed crossed POD. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically super and the music kicks ass big time.”

"Not afraid to use space, dynamics or timing, Axe Man's Bridge creates a solid atmosphere first before striking with all their might. Full speed ahead into the tunnel of a roller coaster named Axe Man's Bridge!"

“Axe Man’s Bridge is the entire package! Not only do they possess a great unique sound but they take care of business as well. From social media to connecting on a personal level, AMB understands what it takes to rise above the “noise” and be heard. A quality band with a quality sound!”

“Their track “Ignorant to Fear” balances well with the intense and rhythmic drumbeat, subtle guitar strumming and the lead singer’s powerful smoky vocals. Each member brings his own style, creativity and music genius to complement each other’s work.”

“Seen these guys a few times - awesome sound, awesome stage presence, lots of energy, great original songs, and just genuinely fun! Highly recommended!!”