Axcess / Press

“Axcess is just about to release his debut album “The Experience: Still Hustlin” which will be out in select stores and iTunes November 29th. This album includes guest feature from Cash Money’s artist Glasses Malone...”

“Hammond has been a catchy one for the Lopers, too. He has caught 33 passes for 552 yards and seven touchdowns. He leads the current team in touchdowns and career receiving yards.”

“Eli Hammond, aka “Axcess” is hoping to make some waves in the world of rap music.”

“Hammond is currently working on his next album, “The Experience,” with Denver artist Perelli-Pz and will be releasing a mix tape shortly before the album drops.”

“Exclusively this week our featured artisit from the US, Axcess...You can catch him on our featured artisit section on the website...”

“Eli Hammond has become a household name for Loper football this year, but this man has a second alias with potential to become nationally known.”

“But it’s not all about London! Check out our boy Axcess! Doing his thing up in the US. Showing love for Uneek Garmz.”

“Axcess! the kid on deck...if you don't respect that, you dont respect nothing!”

Tone Trump

“Introducing Axcess...Eli "Axcess" Hammond was born in Huntsville Alabama...”